Meet wildlife warrior -Sophia Huysamen

Along our journey we’ve had the privilege to meet so many amazing children who are making a difference and one of those remarkable kids is none other than Sophia Huysamen, a young wildlife warrior from Zululand.

I took some time to interview Sophia and asked her to share some of her wisdom and love of nature with us.

What prompted you to become a wildlife warrior and how old were you when you knew you wanted to advocate for wildlife?

When I was very little, I fell in love with wildlife from visiting different game reserves with my family. I was about 7 years old when I started my YouTube channel which is all about being a wildlife warrior. I started making videos because I learned that there are a lot of animals that are endangered, and it is up to us to care for the animals of our planet. I want to share how we can all help.

What is your favourite animal? Why?

My favourite animal is a Lion. They are brave and strong but also so sweet at the same time. I love their big paws and the cubs are the cutest.

What do you do daily that helps to bring awareness about nature?

I post on my Instagram every day (which is all about wildlife and conservation) and I am busy doing the Pangolin, on-demand course through Kids in the Wild, FGASA. I share what I learn too.

What can other kids do if they want to become wildlife warriors?

They can start small like clean a beach or make bird feeders or an insect hotel for their garden. They can also read books about wildlife and conservation. My Mom has lots of books about that, that are perfect for children. By learning more about wildlife and the animals and plants and insects that are endangered, they can share more with other children and then eventually, the whole world will know how important it is to conserve our wildlife.

What is one thing about you that you would like people to know?

I try my best to be the best wildlife warrior I can be because I love conservation and wildlife. I am kind and I love photography too. I want to be a wildlife ecologist when I am big and do wildlife photography and write books like my Mom.

Where can people follow you online?

I have Instagram that my Mom helps me with. My page is called @wildlysophia. I also have a YouTube channel that is called ‘Sophia’s Safari’. 

A young lady determined to make a difference!

Thank you Sophia we are so excited to follow your journey.

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  1. It’s clear that she has a bright future ahead as an advocate for wild animals, given her youthful energy and inspiring nature.

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