Afternoon Express – Mommy Monday feature

Last week I was asked to be a guest on the Afternoon Express show on SABC 3.

I was asked to share my story and tell a bit about my experience as an older mom.

This came shortly after sharing my series – Celebrating the older mom, on my blog for Mother’s day.

I was and still am very honoured at being invited and it was a wonderful experience.

About my experience

I arrived at the studio quite a bit earlier and was greeted by the friendly staff and 3 gorgeous pugs lying on the couch.

I was then led to the super stylish Espresso studio to enjoy a welcome drink of orange juice and await make up.

It’s hard to realise so much magic happens in such a tiny space.

The studio was alive with activity as people hustled around us and I took the time to get to know the other guest speaker.

We also ran through a show time line so that we knew what to expect as the show is live.

Of course no visit to the studio would have been complete without a selfie at the top of this iconic building over looking Cape town.

Make up

The studio photographer took our photos and we were shown to make up.

I don’t wear much make up so it was interesting to watch the make up artist transform my face.

30 seconds to live

Before we knew it we made our way down to the studio and were being introduced to the studio manager, getting microphones on and it was 30 seconds to live.

It was this point that my nerves kicked in and I reminded myself I was just a mom not a TV star.

I was really self conscious and aware of any kind of flaws I have. I can’t imagine doing this daily, knowing the world will judge you harshly regardless.

There is a great number of hard working people that go into making a show amazing and I have a new found respect for those who work behind the scenes.

Lights, camera, Action

All too soon my 7 minutes of fame arrived. At the advert break I seated myself on the couch to chat to Jeanie D.

The conversation was easy. I always talk too much but in hindsight I know there were things I wanted to say that my nerves got the better of .

It was a great experience. The studio showed amazing photos of my family and I hope that my segment inspired or encouraged at least one person.

You can watch the segment here

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