Fred the Fox by Phillipa Morassi

This book review is in collaboration with : The Kids Book Club

Title: Fred the foxAuthor: Phillipa MorassiABOUT :An adorable tale of friendship and learning to cope with feeling lonely.Feeling sad and lonely and a little different from his friends, Fred the fox sets out to find someone to chat to.He meets Bonnie, the shy little bear. The two become friends and learn that it’s okay to be different.Phillipa talks straight to the heart of our children in her latest book as she guides them through dealing with big emotions in this cute woodlands tale.The back of the book has a page for parents to open further discussion on the emotions within the book.And there last page tells us the wonderful things we can learn from nature and the creature characters throughout the tale.We love the feeling friends series and I see us refering back to this story often as Hamish grows.

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