Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday by Alysson Foti Bourque

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Title : Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday

Author: Alysson Forti Bourque

Illustrator: Chiara Civati

Publisher: Mascot Books

The story of a cute pair of cats, Aly and her brother Bugsy, who Learn that hard work, perseverance, and practice pay off.

Bugsy is off to a golf tournament but has forgotten his lucky ball behind. Aly runs back to fetch it and realizes at the tournament that she has the wrong ball.

She draws a star in but when the ball lands in a puddle of water, Bugsy discovers as the star wipes off, his lucky ball is not really his lucky ball.

Despondent,  his parents explain how well he has done and how he doesn’t need the lucky ball to win.

A beautiful story of believing in yourself, perseverance, family support, and how practicing and working hard at your dreams helps you to accomplish a win.

A wonderful opportunity for parents to open lifeskill discussions as well as a great book to introduce the game of golf and explain the terminology used in the game. The book has a glossary of terms at the end of the story.

With its whimsical and expressive illustrations, young readers will automatically relate to the characters.

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Recommended age: 3-8 years

Available : Kindle


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