An interview with Hamish age 3


I saw this on Facebook and thought it was a wonderful way to document how Hamish grows and thinks.

Try it with your kids today.

Ask your child these questions and write their EXACT response.

Interview with Mommy

1. What’s your name? Hamish

2. How old are you? 3 years old

3. How old is Mommy ? 20 years old

4. What’s your favourite color? Black

5. What’s your favourite food? Peanut butter and sandwich

6. Who’s your best friend? Arsalan

7. What’s your favourite song? I love you ( Barney)

8. What do you like to watch on TV – my movies about dinosaurs

9. What’s your favorite ANIMAL? Wild pig

10. What makes you happy? Dinosaurs

11. Where’s your favorite place to go? My house

12. What do you want to be when you grow up? Grown up enough to drink hot coffee

13. What does mommy do all day? Works and plays with me

14. What are you scared of? Real dinosaurs

15 Where does money come from? I don’t know

16. Where did you come from? The Tots brought me with the crate that holds babies