10 Amazing displays of Unity during Covid-19

One of the positive aspects to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has been the sense of unity that have seen so many people standing together.

Some of the most memorable for me will be :

1. Fun mamma Rainbow kids craft club

I was inspired by the Italian children who placed pictures of rainbow to symbolize hope to those passing by, to start a group where our children could feel connected by joining in a group and all completing the same crafts or activities daily and then sharing them.

You can join the group here

2. Rainbow in the window

I love this inciative and there have been so many dynamic individuals getting children to paint, draw and create rainbows to show our unity as a planet.

We asked Hamish where he wanted to paint his rainbow and he chose the sliding doors.

In the mornings as the sun shines through our back door this rainbow is projected onto the tiles inside making this an extra special rainbow.

3. Bloggers united with domestic flights sa

I’m always excited to see the fantastic collaborations between bloggers and how they are using their platforms, now especially, to uplift and inspire others during lockdown.

So, when domestic flights sa asked me to share my thoughts on their latest blog Bloggers collaboration: Unity during Covid-19 I was excited to be part of the amazing bloggers helping to share positivity.

Credit domestic flights sa

4. Teddy in the window

Another great initiative that I first saw on a New zealand site us the teddy in the window , which is the same concept of hope and unity as the rainbows.

Children are encouraged to go on a bear hunt and look out for the bears if the are walking or driving outside should they need to leave home for any reason. Or if you live in a complex for children to spot the bears in others windows.

5. Rainbow rocks

The rock painting group I belong to on Facebook, Cape Town rocks, started this awesome initiative to paint the rainbows on the rocks and hide them for others to find and spread a little hope this way.

Hamish and I spent a few days painting rainbows onto rocks but were not able to hide any before lockdown.

6. The time capsule project

Tomorow we make our family time capsule. As we are living through history right now, I thought it would be a great idea if we put together a time capsule and kept journals of this time.

I was not alone and the generous people at Long creations put together this FREE, easy to use guide for kids to use to add to their capsules.

7. Chalk your walk

This is another creative way of spreading messages of hope to your neighbours.

Using sidewalk chalk people are drawing rainbows and leaving positive messages on their driveways.

8. The many displays of neighbours looking out for each other

From notes in post boxes offering to shop for those who can’t to leaving toilet paper sanitizer and tin food for the refuse collectors.

People and businesses who have spare masks and gloves donating to hospitals.

Before lockdown we sent toys and games to a local children’s home to keep them busy and piles of books up an old age facility to help them get through the 21 days.

The feeling of community and unity is certainly shining through.

9.The beautiful way in which our destitute and vulnerable people of South Africa have been looked after.

One of my biggest fears were for those who found themselves destitute, on the street or vulnerable during this time and I find myself incredibly proud of South Africa for finding shelter and food in such a short time for the huge number needing it.

10. Clap for champions

All around the world there are various clap for champions inciative.

Even Prince William and Kate have recorded their beautiful children clapping to thank the selfless health workers and other essential staff.

Well done South Africa on standing together ….

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