Baskets of delight

I’m the lucky friend of this amazingly creative woman.

Many moons ago we became neighbours and friends and over the years I’ve been privillaged to view several of the amazingly meticulous items made in her craft room.

So when i saw her newest creations i knew i needed to introduce you to Shanon.

The mom, business boss lady, entrepreneur, crafter, creative woman….

…and creator of these stunning ultra modern with a twist of home made love, t-shirt yarn baskets.

They come in all sizes and are perfect for:-

  • organisising your home
  • sorting the kids toys
  • a kiddy laundry basket
  • To store the kids beach toys in your car
  • Leave with toys at granny so you never need to carry toys back and forth again
  • Gifting
  • Baby showers -to form a hamper as mom can reuse the basket
  • Desk organisers
  • Potplant holders
  • Great for teen girl nick-nacks
  • Bathroom organisers
  • Toilet roll storage
  • Shoe or bag storage in your cupboard
  • Book basket for kids in the lounge
  • Knitting or wool storage for the crafters you know
  • Lego holder

And a million other uses.

Shanon also has a range of handbag baskets and cat beds.

As far as storage baskets go ….I already have my sights on this eye catching blue and white one that would be perfect for bears shoes!

Knowing Shanons love for her craft and perfection I’m assured of the high quality of each item that leaves her craft room.

For more information you can contact Shanon on : 0713944752

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