Getting your toddler organised with these 3 products

One of my biggest peeves is things lying around. Regardless of who they belong to, usually because I’m the one cleaning it up.

Lately I’ve been looking at more and more options to keep bears cars, trains and Lego from getting under my feet.

So when I came across this cute little set at Takealot I knew it was perfect.

It had the 3 essentials every child needs:-

  • Table and chairs

  • Shelf organiser

  • Toy box

Best of all each piece is avaliabe seperatly so you can add extra shelves or toy boxes.

Table and chairs

For me a child needs furniture at their level so they can learn independance.

Therefore we have always had a little table and chairs in our home. The table and chairs gives bear a place to sit still, eat, work with puzzles, playdoh, read, colour in or do crafts.


This little shelf was so easy to construct. I love that it has little baskets allowing bear to learn to pack away each item in its place. He can also remove one basket at a time and play with the toys.

I’ve put playdough, a matching game and magnetic trains at the top. Underneath he has his colouring in books and small games. On the bottom are his puzzles.

I can rearrange or change the contents as often as he is board.

Toy box

Just love it. Its bigger than i imagined and really spacious. Its so big bear can climb into it ….and he does. Its currently holding all of bears cars.

It was really easy to out together, i managed in about 10 minutes and i really love this hidden pocket on the table that can keep bears lego in.

I feel more organised and bear loves his new space.

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