Battleships – a fun maths game

Holidays for us mean later bed times and much more time to connect by playing together, reading or discovering new things.

Each holiday, we also try to introduce a new game.

Last weekend, while at The Crazy Store, I found this great battleships travel game.









I’m a huge fan of any educational game and battleships is a wonderful way to introduce maths concepts like co- ordinate, colums & grids and direction to children in a fun, engaging manner.


What other benefits does this game have?

Battleships is great :
✨️to teach kids how to use co-ordinates on a grid
✨️ to understand columns and rows
✨️ to reinforce number and letter recognition
✨️to build patience, concentration, and focus
✨️ for those fine motor skills as they try place the pegs into the board
✨️to learn strategy
✨️ for quick decision making
✨️ to sharpen your child’s memory and logic
✨️to develop visual perceptual and executive function skills

Hamish loves this two player game, and it is fast becoming a favourite.

The box contains two plastic containers, with a grid printed on the inside of both the top and bottom of the container.

The containers close up into hand held size boxes which are perfect for traveling.

Each player receives 5 plastic battle ships and some coloured pegs to plot on the grid where you miss or hit the ships.

The object of the game is to guess where your opponent has placed their ships, using the co-ordinates, so that you can sink them before they sink yours.

This game was under R100 and gets 5 stars on our fun meter these holidays !

Battleships is aged 7+

When last did you play Battleships?

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