Beary cute Fathers day card

I looked for an easy card for bear to make for papa this year as I’d like him to be able to make it himself.

This beary cute papa bear is perfect!

What you need:-

Coloured card



Pin Poms


Googly eyes

How to make it :-

If I draw and cut the bear he can glue on the two ear pieces and the googly eyes.

He can also glue the mouth part on after I draw the mouth and finish it with a matching pom pom.

Inside I can write a message from bear.

Older kiddies should be able to make this unaided.

( original source unknown)

4 Replies to “Beary cute Fathers day card”

    1. Did you make it yet ? I still need to try your elephant. I find the more simple the craft the more the little fingers feel inspired to try something new

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