Mothers day 2018

Mothers day is the one day I get to rest …

Yeah right!

I’m a mother so mothers day is actually the one day a year I get overly spoilt by my kids and husband.

Having said that I recently started to minimalise our home, so we only have the items we need and use. Of course there’s some sentimental items aswell.

So, when I looked at mothers day this year I realised there was actually nothing I needed or wanted.

In fact if anything I had a box of stuff I was looking to pass on to others who could use it.

So I chose to focus on mothers and the role we play in society as nuturers and gain my mother’s day inspiration from that.

I wanted to celebrate motherhood.

Motherhood in all forms from those who will one day be Mothers, pregnant Mothers, new Mothers, single mothers, Mothers, grandmother’s and mother in laws.

We already had a family lunch planned and I noted that aside from planning my own mothers day lunch in my honour I could use this event to celebrate my daughter’s who will one day be Mothers, my daughter’s mother in law, my newly discovered glam-ma status and my future glam baby’s pregnant mother.

So I started planning the perfect afternoon.

Then I received a message from Nicole from Raising K Squared to join her at the Embrace mothers day connect event at Groote Schuur hospital with team leader Nikki from we are the humans.

I had wanted to run a team before i found out how ill i was and immediately asked two amazingly strong moms and friends of mine, Colleen and Kim, to join me. The 3 of us signed up to spend an hour of our mothers day connecting with new and pregnant moms, presenting them with a small gift.

We woke early Mothers day morning and headed to the hospital. Spirits high and ready with our gift bags. I got quite nostalgic remembering my own first time in labour and giving birth.

I had my first 5 children all at Addington hospital, Kiki was born at Panarama and Bear at Blouberg netcare. I know how some days as a new mom being rushed through a government hospital trying to accomadate for hundreds of people a day, you can feel very overwealmed and vunerable.

It was great to spend so much time with all the moms. We saw 107 moms in total.

After our visit I went home to prepare for our lunch.

In total we would be 12 people. It’s celebrations like these that remind me why I love a big family and just how lucky we are to have such a large support system within ourselves.

I put the gammon roast on along with some gems, butternut, rice and roast potatoes. It dawned on me this would never be enough food so I popped over to my local Spar and grabbed 2 roast chickens aswell.

Papa had gone to the store while I was out and bought swiss rolls and custard for desert. My eldest daughter Tammi and her mother in law , Colleen, bought along a pecan pie and a peppermint tart. The feast was sorted.

My son Dylan and his girlfriend had been to see Kirsten from Tummy Time to have a scan and find out babys gender and i had received a message the day before to let me know what gender the glam baby is.

I set Kiki to work designing the cutest baby reveal box so that we could do a small reveal before we started celebrating mothers day. What better gift on mothers day than to find out the gender of your baby?

It was super cute as my son was convinced they were having a boy even though he had first said girl. You can read about the gender reveal Here.

It was a lovely relaxed day surrounded by all my children. As our family grows and we get in laws the celebrations get bigger and better.

Checkers had run a lousy campaign with a mothers day sign above the cleaning products and I joking told Dylan I wanted jick … So he bought me a value pack . Good thing he bought me chocolates aswell.

Bear spoilt me with stunning blue slippers that he chose himself and this adorable handmade card.

My other kiddies gave me a new watch and chocolate covered coffee beans …yummolicious!

But i think the cutest gift was this collage Tammi made to celebrate me as her mom and Colleen as her mother in law. I’m very lucky that colleen and I get on so well and that my daughter has another strong mother in her life to guide her.

All in all it was the perfect mothers day.

And I got to celebrate motherhood in all of its beautiful forms.

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