Prima Baby is a now proud affiliate and distributor of the Dooky range of products into South Africa.

Stylish new designs

A simple, yet highly effective range of products to ultimately calm, protect and comfort your child, the Dooky series of products transforms some of the most commonly-used products into indispensable items.

2011 saw Dooky receiving the Netherlands Baby Innovation Award for the Dooky Universal cover, which has fast become one of the most popular items in the Dooky repertoire.

Available in a variety of subdued hues, the Universal cover is a simple stroller cover that has replaced the conventional muslin blanket or parasol as a cover to calm and soothe baby whilst out in their stroller.

Prevent over heating

Fitting literally every stroller on the market, the Universal is a simple clip-on, 100% cotton cover that blocks UV, sun, wind, light, cold, noise and light rain – making it perfect for walks as well as naps during outings.

The Universal cover comes with a variety of complementary accessories that can also be used on their own, including the car seat ‘Hoody’, 100% cotton attachment that acts as a shield on car seats, the 100% cotton blanket, the car seat cover and the famous Dooky dribble bibs.

All ranges are available in matching grey, white, pink, blue with a gorgeous star pattern.

The full range of Dooky products is available at Hamleys,,,, and

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