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Chicco introduces The Air Range 2020

Chicco, proud global leaders in baby products for over 62 years, celebrate the release of the brand new nursery furniture duet – the Air Range.

Comprised of two exclusive Chicco furniture items, The Baby Hug 4-in-1 and the Next2Me Co-Sleeper, the Air Range updates and freshens these two highly popular pieces of baby furniture with new fabrics, consisting of a breathable mesh for the sides – allowing baby better ventilation, and mom a better view of the child.

Good air flow is vital for young babies and a crib can be stifling, stuffy and hot if not designed with adequate breathability.

Also updated is the mobile bar for the Baby Hug, which now includes a brand new, stylish black and white look to the mobile toys.

Available in a beautiful Stone colour, they are gender-neutral, décor appropriate and add a touch of style and flair to any nursery.

Both items and concepts were originally designed by Chicco in the Chicco Observatory in Como, Italy and have both become baby-staples over the past few years, particularly the co-sleeper.

Benefits of a co-sleeper:

  • Allows mom to breastfeed without disturbance or fully waking baby.
  • Reassures baby that parents are close by.
  • Provides assurance for parents against SIDS.
  • Creates a stronger bond between mom and baby.
  • Excellent for extra cuddles when needed.
  • Provides the independence baby needs in their own bed, whilst maintaining the sacred space of the parents space.

Benefits of the Baby Hug:

  • A cradle to keep baby nearby when doing household chores.
  • 4 actions in 1 – acts as crib, relaxer chair, highchair and reclining couch all with the push of a button.
  • Perfect for naps, relaxing, playing or eating.
  • Fully recline or sit baby upright.
  • Has mobile bar with lights, music and toys.
  • Moves with 4 wheels, safe with 4 brakes and a safety harness.

Both items have been available on the market in SA as older models and have proven themselves to be evergreen sellers on the Chicco hard lines catalogue.

Watch the video for Baby Hug Air here

Watch the video for Next2Me Air here:

They are available to purchase now online at,,, and

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10 essential Christmas gifts for your baby from Chicco and Prima Baby.

With Christmas just around the corner shopping for quality baby toys that are both educational and entetaining can be an overwhelming and arduous task.

We have made it easy for you with a selection of the top 10 essential items this festive season from the trusted Chicco and Prima Baby brand.


A multi-tech mobile that brings a magical atmosphere into the nursery. Ten minutes of gentle classical music, alongside a diffused nightlight will sooth baby off to a peaceful sleep. With 4 removable plushies, the mobile is suitable for all wooden and travel cots, as well as co-sleepers. Available in gorgeous pastel pink or blue.


The best way to get your child understanding shapes and colours, The Animal Cottage teaches animals as well as improving motor skills. Hugely popular with the global market due to its developmental innovation as well as entertainment value.


One of the most high-tech walkers on the market, The First Steps by V-Tech Baby has songs, sounds, lights and much more to encourage baby to walk with fun and entertainment.


As soft and cuddly as a plush toy can get. Standing 50cm tall, these gorgeous dolls in pastel variations of Mickey and Minnie Baby are representatives of one of the best-loved baby labels in the world.


Made by Boppy, leaders in the nursing pillow market, this memory foam tummy-time pillow has lots of entertainment for your child, with a book, mirror, textures and colours to keep their developing minds busy and active.


A great way to learn the alphabet whilst working on your child’s motor skills. The cups build a large tower with a hole down the middle that a ball drops into to collect in the base, which is a 4-piece puzzle. A great development toy for toddlers starting to grasp cause and effect.


One of few traditional finger puppets on the market, the Baby Senses Finger Puppet is unique in the sense that it has animals and textures on each finger and provides wonderful bonding time between parent and child.


Available in Mickey or Minnie, this plush toy contains various activities for your baby to engage with. A gorgeous gift that will instantly become their new best friend.


A collection of V-Tech Baby toys in a great hamper type set that will blow your little ones mind. Consisting of 4 tech toys that act as entertainment whilst helping them reach milestones.


Another great walker from the Chicco stable, the Happy Hippy Walker is a fun, colourful and interactive way to encourage your child to take their first steps. With flowers and a cute face, the walker is a great gift for any child this Christmas.

The above toys can be found in selected stores including: Babies R Us,,,, selected Kids Emporium stores, Hamleys, Lilliputs and others.
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Benefits of taking baby for a daily walk

Enjoying daily walks with your newborn is a great way to get you out the house and help you to regain your pre-baby shape.

It’s also a great way to restore your physical fitness level, energise your body and connect you to your neighbourhood and nature.

Best of all fresh air and a little sunshine is great for baby.

What you will need:

1. Pram

A jogger pram was the first item on my To buy list as I’d hoped to start running with bear . (Unfortunately I broke my leg and ankle when he was 3 weeks old so that idea went on hold for a while)

When purchasing a pram to walk distances with always take these points into consideration:

  • Deep seat and a seat belt.
  • Locking brake to use whenever you put the child into or take the child out of the stroller.
  • A safety wrist strap to keep the stroller from rolling away from you.
  • Check the stroller for sturdiness.
  • A sunshade is essential to protecting the baby’s skin from sunburn.

Some moms may choose to walk with a baby carrier (only advisable from the age stipulated on the carrier as newborns can slip through these) or a sling or wrap.

Whilst the baby wraps and slings are very comfortable for a little baby , a larger toddler may get very heavy on a long distance.

2. Comfy clothing and shoes for mom

It’s important to walk in comfortable clothing and good running shoes. I like to use my tights , a large lose top and my Adidas running shoes. They absorb more of the impact from my ankle and knees than my pumps or boots, allowing me to enjoy my walk.

As pregnancy may have caused your feet to grow , purchase a new pair after birth to start walking in. It’s advisable to ask your fitness shop to measure your feet to find a comfortable size shoe.

3. Water

Always keep water on you if you walking so that you do not dehydrate.

I also always carried water incase I needed to wash baby , or myself.

4. Sunscreen

The sun is harsh and even if it does not seem too warm when you set out , the weather may change and get warmer. Always carry sunscreen with you.

5. Babys nappy bag

Baby’s bag should be packed whenever you go out.

My standard nappy bag contained :

  • 3 nappies
  • wipes
  • bumcream
  • boiled water in a flask
  • 2 feeds
  • dummy
  • Sunscreen
  • hat or beenie
  • 2 changes of clothing( one each for warm and cold weather)
  • a jersey
  • blanket.

The best place to walk.

Don’t take your pram on gravel or rough paths, the vibration and bumping aren’t good for baby or for your wrists, arms, and shoulders when pushing the pram.

If you can rather stick to sidewalks and asphalt.

Studies have shown that walking in natural settings reduces stress and enhances your mood so try to find a pathway that leads through a natural setting for a daily walk.

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Prima Baby is a now proud affiliate and distributor of the Dooky range of products into South Africa.

Stylish new designs

A simple, yet highly effective range of products to ultimately calm, protect and comfort your child, the Dooky series of products transforms some of the most commonly-used products into indispensable items.

2011 saw Dooky receiving the Netherlands Baby Innovation Award for the Dooky Universal cover, which has fast become one of the most popular items in the Dooky repertoire.

Available in a variety of subdued hues, the Universal cover is a simple stroller cover that has replaced the conventional muslin blanket or parasol as a cover to calm and soothe baby whilst out in their stroller.

Prevent over heating

Fitting literally every stroller on the market, the Universal is a simple clip-on, 100% cotton cover that blocks UV, sun, wind, light, cold, noise and light rain – making it perfect for walks as well as naps during outings.

The Universal cover comes with a variety of complementary accessories that can also be used on their own, including the car seat ‘Hoody’, 100% cotton attachment that acts as a shield on car seats, the 100% cotton blanket, the car seat cover and the famous Dooky dribble bibs.

All ranges are available in matching grey, white, pink, blue with a gorgeous star pattern.

The full range of Dooky products is available at Hamleys,,,, and

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The glam -babys gender reveal

As I’ve shared with you, my eldest son is expecting a baby on the 14th of October.

This means I officially fall into the 40 and fabulous glam-ma club.

As family we’d been voting all week to guess the babys gender. Aurora had made this cute little rain cloud ( as babys name is Rain) and we each voted our gender on either pink or blue droplets.

On Saturday they went off for a scan with Kirsten from Tummy Time and she messaged me to tell me the babys gender as we were planning a reveal for Sunday, mothers day.

Saturday night , Kiki made this gorgeous little box for us to hide the babys gender in .

A pair of blue and pink shoes and we were ready to get down to what babys gender was.

That morning my son walked in and told me he knew it was a boy as he had seen so on the scan. I just started laughing so he was convinced he was right.

I couldn’t wait to see their faces when they discovered it was in fact ….

A girl.

First I made them each hold up a shoe of what gender they thought the baby was according to how they had guessed during the week.

Next I placed the box in front of them and they opened it.

Both were in total disbelief to find out their little baby is a girl.

I filled the box with some delicate natural lavendar products from Cherish beauty for the new mom and dad to use on baby rain.

Welcome little rain drop.