Yoghurt paint

When Hamish was a baby one of the things he loved was to finger paint. That sensory mush of paint between his fingers was simply the best.

However, as we know babies put everything in their mouths and I was super concerned about him eating paint…even if it said it was non-toxic, I really did not want him eating a glob of Dala crimson red paint.

I discovered a taste safe recipe online for yogurt paint and we used this often.


Making baby safe paint is super easy and you only need two ingredients, yogurt and food coloring. The colours always come out beautiful and vibrant and you have the peace of mind that even if your baby or toddler puts a handful in their mouths, it is safe to eat.

  • plain, vanilla or greek yoghurt
  • food colouring
You will need to have ready, a tub of plain,vanilla or greek yogurt, a spoon or two, some food colouring and some containers to mix your paint into.
Scoop out some yogurt into all the little containers you have set up.  A few spoonful into each will do.
Then squeeze a few drops of food coloring into each container.  If you add a lot, the colors will be really vibrant but they will likely leave a temporary stain on everything so just use a few drops before you mix it up with the spoon.
these paints are great on paper, used in a bathtub, onto the kitchen tiles or a sliding door for sensory play or with a paintbrush on a whiteboard.

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