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I recently collaborated with Printwild and ordered some keepsake photos through their user-friendly website.

Spoilt for choice

Printwild offer a wide variety of photo printing options and I was spoilt for choice on what to choose.  I eventually decided on their Magna tot photo magnets and their amazing Face blocks that I am officially now addicted to !
With a small rental home, I wanted to display photos of my big family but am limited for wall space so choosing the Face blocks meant that I could fit many photo memories on one wall.
Printwild also offer :
  • Canvas prints
  • Loose photo prints
  • A stunning photo box to hold several photo box prints (great for weddings & special occasions)
  • Photo frames
  • Mounted prints
  • Printed wallpaper


The order process was so easy. You upload your images online and from the first moment, your order is placed you are sent emails to advise you on every step of the process. I really love this.
My photos were set and sent for me to proof and changes made without a fuss, all before printing.
The process was really quick and I was sent a tracking number to track my photos once they were on the courier truck.


Hamish was so excited to open the package with the Face blocks of his siblings and his special keepsake Magna tot photos for the fridge. The photos arrived packed neatly and securely.

My first thoughts

The quality is fantastic and the Magna tots look like little glass tiles. They give our fridge a stylish look and they are such a special way to save your memories. I love these and they are not only a great conversational piece in our open-plan space but Hamish enjoys moving them about and talking about his experiences.

However, The face blocks are my absolute favourite. Not only were the photos clear ( I expected them to be blurry on wood…not sure why?) But I got to get photos of my entire big family and display them beautifully in a small space.

Magna tots

Magna Tots are personalised fridge magnets with a vibrant, modern look. They are 70mm x 70mm and your photo is printed onto acrylic squares. To do this your image is professionally cropped and printed onto glossy paper before being face-mounted to 3mm acrylic. They are then finished off with a magnet on the back to give you a beautiful and elegant way to decorate your fridge or any magnetic surface in your home or office. It is recommended to display Magna Tots in groups to give you a stunning collage of memories.


As a blogger, Hamish and I have enjoyed some truly memorable moments over the last few years and some of those are our appearances on the Afternoon Epress show and the Morning Expresso show on SABC. I really wanted to preserve these moments but wasn’t too sure how until I saw Printwild’s magna tot photo magnets. These are perfect for the small special moments.

So I chose 10 images to print and they came out fantastic.
The magnets look like little glass frames, are crystal clear and make for great conversation on our fridge while at the same time forming a visual photo album.

Moments we chose to remember:

  • Fun mamma sa interviewed on Afternoon Express show
  • Hamish on show with Meg Faure and Lara Schoenfeld from Playsense for the launch of dinosaur stomp.
  • Hamish on show with Peppa Pig
  • Hamish on show with Sparkle parties explaining to Katlego Maboe all about dinosaurs
  • Hamish modeling for woolworths with Nox_Mafu
  • Hamish with some of the presenters Graeme Richards, Leighanne Williams, Thabiso Makhubela

Face blocks

Faceblocks are professionally cropped into 15cm x 15cm squares and printed onto high-quality fine art matte paper, before being mounted on shutterply board for an amazing effect. They are delivered ready-to-mount with an industrial hook and loop mounting system and are best displayed in batches. Over time you may want to replace your Face block prints with new images. The replacement prints are printed on fine art matt paper using Ultra Chrome inks. They come with backing adhesive and a blade to trim your prints once you have stuck them over the old print so that there is no need to remove the old print.

Why I chose Face blocks

Some girls love diamonds…I love photos. There is nothing more special for me than having photos of my children displayed around my home.
We are a big family and I have always said I would get photos of each of them to put up, but canvases can be costly and I don’t really have the wall space. These face blocks from Printwild allow me to put all of their photos up on display in a small space.
The quality is stunning and they afix to the wall with sticky tape on velcro, allowing you to unwrap and put them straight up. You can also remove them so you could order updated photos and just peel off the older ones, and put up new ones.

Photos I chose to print

  • I love being a Cricut_sa ambassador and I ordered this face block of my official Cricut ambassador photo to use at my Cricut dem days.
  • Photos of each of my 7 children which are now proudly diplayed on our entrance wall
  • Two special photos for Brent’s office, one of him and Hamish and one of the first painting Hamish made of himself and his dad.


Final thoughts

I love my prints and can’t wait to put another order in. Printwild is competitively priced and offers amazing service and outstanding quality.

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