Book review – Leap Ahead workpad: English

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Title: Leap Ahead workload: English

Author: published by Igloo books

English educational book
Leap ahead workbook English


This easy to take along workbook is full of fun home learning activities for children aged 3 to 5 years old.

Written by teaching experts, it supports a preschool / foundation phase curriculum and teaches key skills for English.

The pages contain a wide variety of activities to keep the children engaged and the instructions are clear and simple.

I especially like that the layout is uncluttered, making it perfect for young learnears who may get distracted by too much on a page.

Educational book
Clear, uncluttered layout

The activity also provides answer sheets so as a parent you can check the activity was completed correctly.

We started working in this book this morning and Hamish thoroughly enjoyed the few activities he has done.

Because there is such a wide variety of activities, you can focus on those your child finds easy and move onto the harder pages as you work through the book.

💥It is important to note that South African children learn their alphabet much later than British children and so many of the phonetic and reading activities may only be introduced to them at school from 5 years old.

Disclaimer : All books are sponsored unless stated and the opinions expressed within the review are my own.

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