Book review – Sarbie, the centipede by Farah Bhikoo

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Title: Sarbie, the centipede

Author: Farah Bhikoo

Sarbie, the centipede book
Sarbie, the centipede


These sweet little story tells the tale of a little centipede called Sarbie and her unlikely friendship with a little boy.

Sarbie has a hundred legs which are sore and full of blisters. Unsure what to do she meets a fairy who gives her a magic potion to make things small.

With the potion and a plan she goes about stealing 100 pairs of shoes.

But when a little boy discovers his shoes are missing he sets off to find them and discovers Sarbie and her red blistered feet.

Not only does he help her fix her blisters but he helps her return all the shoes back to the boys.

A beautiful tale of bravery and courage.

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