Breaking News – Easter bunny receives special EGG-EMPTION to travel during Covid-19 lock down

As thousands of South African children faced lockdown last week, the biggest question on their minds was how the Easter bunny would deliver easter eggs this year as we went into lockdown.


Imagine the delight in the hearts of children nation wide when it was announced that the Easter bunny has received special EGGS-EMPTION to travel during lockdown from the Deputy Minister of the National Department of Tourism (NDT).

As Easter eggs are an essential service, the Easter bunny has been tested for Covid-19 and has been found to be virus free.

So, observing all safety protocol, by wearing his face mask, washing his hands correctly and sanitizing the eggs, he is set to deliver on schedule for Easter 2020.

When interviewed the Easter bunny was quoted at saying

” Thank you to all the children who are staying at home and helping to stop the Corona virus from spreading. You are doing a very important job and the Easter team are very proud of you!”

We encourage children, nation wide to leave Carrots out for our tiresome and hard working Easter bunny tonight and perhaps make him a thank you card.

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