Canal Walk’s Peter Pan raises R150 000 for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA

Canal Walk’s Peter Pan raises R150 000 for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA

Helping keep more than hope alive for children who are facing cancer and their families

The recent welcome return of Canal Walk’s annual holiday children’s theatre production was very much evident by the outstanding attendance who watched Peter Pan, the childhood classic still attracting families today, and the R150 000 raised in support of the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA.

Canal Walk’s annual childhood theatre production is always a well-supported event, more so now having been sorely missed in the past two years.  Some of the young theatre goers experiencing theatre for the first time, not to mention a throng of people having spent much of their young lives in isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions, were treated to a musical adaptation of JM Barrie’s tale that delighted all.

Canal Walk’s event manager, Amanda McCarthy, was delighted with the turnout and the support sharing that, “we sold more tickets than we have ever sold before, and along with programmes and support from the Hyprop Foundation, this has enabled us to donate R150 000 to CHOC.  We’d like to thank every person who came to watch the show and let them know that because of their actions, we can play our part in paying it forward.”

CHOC CEO, Hedley Lewis, is overjoyed with the support, saying: “Peter Pan created many smiles and laughs at Canal Walk Shopping Centre – an event so many families had the opportunity to enjoy.  A huge thank you to Canal Walk for choosing CHOC as the charity of choice. Through their generous support, we can continue to provide a wide range of psychosocial, and emotional services and support such as free accommodation, nutritional support such as food parcels, packed meals, ward refreshments, and nutritional meals.

“We also offer transport to ensure that no child or teenager abandons their cancer treatment due to the family not affording transport costs – to name but a few of our programmes of support.  Canal Walk Shopping Centre and its shoppers have allowed us to give these families hope and for that, we are most thankful….”

Children’s theatre plays an important role in stimulating a child’s imagination and their development, as well as laying the foundations for the creative skills that will be necessary to solve many of the challenges of the future.  For Canal Walk, children’s theatre is a delight, and it is imperative that it continue for years to come, so they can also continue to support worthy causes that uplift communities and build strong, caring societies.

The cheque was handed over to CHOC this week at Canal Walk Shopping Centre

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  1. So happy for the CHOC foundation,this really gives hope to those children affected by cancer and the impact it has on their families
    Knowing cancer has a tendency of breaking down each and everyone affected,this fund will really go a long way
    I hate cancer how i so wish that it could just disappear off the radar and leave kids to be kids playing around and enjoying themselves

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