Cango wildlife ranch

Cango Wildlife Ranch

One of the most memorable experiences these holidays was our visit to Cango wildlife ranch in Outshoorn.

Being able to view the wild cats, especially the cheetah, from the walkway above their habitats, was one of my own personal highlights.

Watching such majestic animals up close is breathtaking.

About the Cango Wildlife Ranch

In 1977 the Cango Crocodile Farm  was established as South Africa’s first crocodile show farm. The farm was originally set up as a place to breed and sell crocodile.

In 1986 the farm was sold to Andrew and Glenn Eriksen, with the intention to become the conservation ranch that it is today.

There was so much to do here, and I honestly would have loved a longer visit.

What about the animals?

The wildlife ranch is home to a huge variety of animals, ( over 90 of them and you can find a list here )and you can journey through the Valley of the Ancients, where the huge fruit bats hang to Snapper Gorge and meet the crocodiles.

Along the way, we spotted a playful otter, some flamingo, porcupines, and a pygmie hippo ( that I fell in love with)

Further along the tour, you pass the Amazonia rainforest boasting some beautiful birds, and the lemur falls as you head to the Cheetah conservation area.

Here, you can see lions, cheetah, and a tiger.

The animals that you see come from all over the world and for many different reasons. Many of them are rescued animals, others have landed on the ranch by default.

Often a concerned citizen will bring an injured bird or animal to the ranch and these are healed and released where possible.

A lot of the snakes and crocodiles are only there on short stays as the Cango Wildlife ranch runs a breeding exchange program with several other breeding facilities. The animals are “swopped” out to avoid interbreeding.

They also run a breeding and education program for the cheetahs, pygmy hippo and radiated tortoise, all of whom are endangered and being bred in captivity to ensure their survival.

When to visit

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is open every day of the year including Christmas and New Year’s Day.


  • 08:30 – 17:00 High Season (Dec – Mar). The last tour departs at 16:45
  • 08:30 – 16:30 Low Season (Apr– Nov). The last tour departs at approximately 16:15

( Opening times from


The wildlife ranch offers animal experiences called natural encounters.

These are done with the intention to educate and encourage those who meet the ambassador animals to love and conserve them.

Wildlife Encounters and Restrictions:

  • Cheetah and Big Cat Feed (tiger/leopard) – Must be 14 and older and exceed 1.5m in height
  • Crocodile feed – Must be 10 years and older, and accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Vulture Encounter – Must be 12 years and older, and accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Lemur and Snake encounters – Must be 5 years and older, and must be accompanied by a legal guardian
  • We take photos of your experience which are available for purchase from our photo centre
  • Children under 14 must always be accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Children under 5 cannot participate in these experiences
  • We do not recommend any cat encounters for women who are pregnant
  • We will always do our best to facilitate encounters with those who are differently-abled but this is not always possible. For us to better facilitate this, please contact us in advance so that we can make an assessment and if possible book a time-slot accordingly.

( wildlife encounter information from za)

Where to eat

The wildlife ranch has some great restaurants on site to grab a bite to eat.

It is interesting to note that the crocodile meat served is not from the farm but brought in from a strictly controlled abittor.

Things to note

The ranch is wheelchair friendly.

Pets are not allowed.

The Outshoorn climate is quite hot and you may want to apply sun screen or wear a hat when visiting.

Walking shoes are recommended as you walk around a fair distance to see the animals.

Tours last about 60 minutes.

Please take your flash off for photos near the animals.

You can purchase photos of your experiences.

Take your swimming gear if you are doing a crocodile experience. You are also offered a place to shower after the experience and need no diving training.

Children under 14 are not allowed on cheetah experiences.

There is a gift shop on site.

There is also a kids zone for birthday parties.

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is 30 minutes away from Cango caves if you want to plan your visit to see both.

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