Career focus – real estate

We recently decided to move from our teeny tiny apartment in Tableview, Cape Town, to a beautiful beach style home out in Kommetjie.

This was a rather spontaneous decision and as we only know the area from a few visits we relied on the guidance of local real estate agents as they have the knowledge to guide us with regards to moving.

Everything from where my little one could play, to local schools, contact details for service providers and even the days on which the refuse is collected, they were able to answer us with.

There is so much more to a real estate agent than a person who just takes you to view a home.

If your child is in matric this year and you are looking for some guidance on helping them to steer a career down a real estate path I’ve put together some valuable advise for you.

Is being a real estate agent sustainable?

One of the questions I asked when researching this post was if real estate agents will still be needed in the next 10 years?

The answer is yes.

With the increase of the population there is always a housing need and people will continue to build.

So, there will always be the need of a real estate agent to assist you to buy your first home, place a down payment on a plot of land to build on or assist you to find and invest in a commercial property when you start your own business.

Each of these transactions require a professional, your real estate agent, to help successfully navigate the legal procedures to smoothly transfer ownership of the land or property between buyer and seller or owner and tenant.

Is being a real estate agent boring?

For those of us who think being a real estate agent is boring, think again, being a real estate agent offers diverse job options with many areas of growth and advancement.

Many real estate agents spend several years studying in order to become experts in their field and offer the best sevice to their clients.

Where to study as a real estate agent ?

There are several places your child can study to become a real estate agent.

Joining the Estate Agents Affairs Board is recommended as they can guide you as to which institutions are reputable to study from.

Real estate education

One of the companies that offer comprehensive real estate educational materials for both real estate agents just starting out and experienced real estate investors is Astroflipping.

This dynamic and innovative company are defining real estate, with a focus of guiding agents to the goal of growing their business to flip property non stop.

From assisting real estate agents to gain the right mindset to offering legal contracts, marketing advice and automation training.

Final thoughts

I had a look at the fees involved in studying as a real estate agent in South Africa and cost wise you are looking at paying R25 000 over a period of two years according to Real estate company Private Property.

You also need to complete a 12 month internship whilst being mentored by an experienced real estate agent.

Along with a detailed log book, there are several qualifications that will need to be studied and completed before you can qualify as an estate agent.

An intern agent can take up to 2 years to complete their studies with a principle agent taking up to 4 years of study.