Celebrate the launch of ‘African Shenanigans,’ by Kayleigh Huysamen at Local is Lekker ZA


Celebrate the launch of ‘African Shenanigans,’ by Kayleigh Huysamen at Local is Lekker ZA

Kayleigh Huysamen, a farmer’s wife, mother of three, ecologist, plant pathologist, and author living in the bushveld of Zululand, South Africa, is the owner of Wildkidsbooksa and founder of Vulture Awareness Project Zululand. As a homeschooling mom, she found inspiration from her children – Sophia, Asher, and Isla-Mae – to nurture their curiosity in nature by weaving tales that celebrate the wonders of Africa’s beautiful wild places and wildlife.

Kayleigh’s upcoming book, ‘African Shenanigans,’ invites young readers on an exciting adventure across the diverse countries of Africa. Through the lens of her children accompanied by their sausage dog, Tottie, the book explores geography, cultures, and the incredible wildlife that graces the continent. The underlying message is clear: explore, travel, learn, and have fun with family.

Motivated by the scarcity of relatable literature for South African kids, Kayleigh took matters into her own hands. She began writing stories for her children, which were met with sincere love and enthusiasm from close family and friends. Encouraged by them, she started to share her work with the world.

Choosing the path of self-publishing, Kayleigh sought independence in managing her creative process. She handles every aspect of her authorship journey from writing and editing to having had create and managing her website and online shop. She handles all orders, emails, and inquiries herself, showing her dedication to her small business. Her husband lends a hand with banking and orders, highlighting the true essence of a family venture.

One of the challenges Kayleigh faces is the time required to promote her books through her social media channels. Despite the hurdles, she has achieved significant success – having best￾selling author, Tony Park, write the foreword for her new book as well as featuring in magazines and podcasts, she has also created original field guides for various private safari lodges across

South Africa. Her passion for a nature-led lifestyle shines through, instilling a love for the environment in her children and readers alike.

To celebrate the launch of ‘African Shenanigans,’ Kayleigh, with Charlene Philips and her phenomenal team, is hosting an in-store event on March 2nd at the Local is Lekker ZA store at Prison Break Market, Midrand. The event promises epic fun, with book signings, giveaways, meet-and-greets, and more.


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