Celebrating the older mom – Karen from Mom Again @ 40

First up in our CELEBRATING THE OLDER MOM series is Karen du Toit.

Karen is the amazing mom of 2 beautiful daughters and blogs over at Mom again @ 40.

Read more about Karen.

Please tell me about yourself.

My name is Karen du Toit. I am a full-time archivist and in my spare time I have been blogging for nearly 10 years now. I love my job, and could not have chosen it better. I studied Library and Information Science, and spent most of my professional life in archiving. I got divorced when my eldest was 6 after we escaped a domestic volatile relationship. I met a great husband a few years later, and our Miss Fine came into our lives, 15 years after the eldest.

How many children you have?

Two daughters, aged 26 and 10. The eldest is our proof of successful parenting. She is a bright, vibrant working girl, married already with three dogs. We are so proud of her. Our youngest is the love of our lives, and she is the focus of our lives at this point in time! Grade 5 with all it’s extra-murals are keeping us very busy.

Why did you chose to have a baby after 40?

I got married again. My husband did not have kids, and we wanted another baby.

How this affected your health, if it did.

I think my health has been improved because of the late pregnancy. I have no health problems or issues. I also breastfed for five years which I think was also good for my body. The extra weight is my own fault. 10 years later I am still planning to lose the “baby weight”. 🙂

How you feel being an older mom has it’s benefits.

I am more relaxed in my parenting. I know that each phase has a good and a bad side, and I try to enjoy this precious person as much as possible. I KNOW it passes so very quickly, before they are off to do their own things.

Have you come across any negativity being an older mom?

No, not at all! It’s sometimes depressing funny when children think I am the grandmother, but only until they know us.

Something you would change this time round ( if you have other children)

Be even more relaxed, and be present. We now struggle with screen time (our own, and those of our children), which we did not have in the 90’s.

Words of wisdom to younger mom’s.

Enjoy each personality, and do not compare. We get to spent time helping to shape precious beings. We should acknowledge them for who they are, and help them to be the best they can be. How precious to know these new souls. In the daily rat-race of working and school and projects we tend to forget how blessed we are to have them in our lives.

To follow Karen on her amazing journey you can find her here:

Blog: MomAgain@40





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