CHOC Flip flop day 2020

CHOC is launching a brand new initiative to assist children and teens fighting childhood cancer.

For 2020 they have launched the brand new FLIP FLOP DAY.

What is Flip Flop Day?

On Friday the 14th of February 2020, the public will get the chance to show their “sole” by purchasing a Flip Flop Day sticker and wearing their Flip Flops for the day.

It’s the vision of CHOC to take over the country on Flip Flop Day – from boardrooms to classrooms and everything in-between.

And for just R10 you can show your support and set your toes free!

How to show your support

There are three ways in which you can support Flip Flop Day:

1. You can purchase a Flip Flop Day sticker as an individual and wear your Flip Flops for the day.

2. Your company can purchase each staff member a Flip Flop Day sticker and allow them to wear their Flip Flops on the 14th February 2020.

3.As a business your company can order stickers on consignment and allow staff to purchase their Flip Flop Day sticker and set their toes free on the 14th February 2020. All unused stickers will then be returned to CHOC.

Where to buy Flip Flop stickers

You can purchase your stickers online at or from one of the CHOC regions closest to you.

For more information contact

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