Commercial flooring – what you need to know

Every business needs flooring and when it comes to choice there is a wide variety of options avaliable. But how do you know which one to choose?

A business needs to take several factors into consideration before applying flooring and these include the aesthetic of the building,location of the business, space avaliable, use of the area, amount of traffic flow, style required, budget to complete a flooring project, how easy the installation will be and durability over a length of time.

Some of the flooring options may cost more to initially outlay bit save in maintenance , others may offer less style choices or be more eco-concious.

Let’s learn more

What is Commercial flooring ?

Commercial flooring is flooring covers that are specifically designed to withstand the unique scenarios that a commercial space encounters. For example you wouldn’t tile an area that will have a fork lift driving over it day in and day out.

So, a business premises owner needs to know all their options and make an informed decision as well as a wise investment for their commercial, retail or industrial space.

What types of commercial flooring is avaliable

There are several commercial flooring options avaliable. These are :

Laminated wood flooring

Laminated flooring is a very popular choice and compared to hardwood, it is also much easier to install and maintain.

Laminated wood flooring has the added benefit of being easy to have installed and easy to maintain daily. Laminated wood flooring is also hygienic and durable.

Cost wise laminated flooring is also much less expensive than hardwood. The one negative aspect with laminated wood flooring is that it, sadly, is not easy to repair as it is made up of composite wood with a hardwood covering.

Engineered Hardwood flooring

This type of flooring is becoming more popular in commercial spaces. Engineered hardwood is cost effective and easy to install.

It is built up of a slice of hardwood structured over plywood making it cheaper than most wooden options but restrictive in colours. It is also more environmentally friendly as it uses less solid wood. Most popular in high-end businesses.

Solid wood flooring

With people becoming more eco-concious, using solid wood has become a less favorable option and is seen less often known commercial spaces.

Wooden is often not the best option for commercial floors, except in commercial spaces. It is difficult to install and although more durable it is expensive. Solid wood is also not recommended for any area that may have any water or moisture, like a bathroom as it will damage easily.

Vinyl composite tiles

Vinyl composite tiles are the most common type of commercial flooring used. It is both durable and easy to repair as you can replace one tile at a time.

The downside to using vinyl composite tiles is that the glue can loosen causing the tiles to become loose and lift up, often on the corners. The surface will, over time, wear away and make cleaning difficult. However, businesses still choose this option as it is inexpensive and easy to replace.

Luxury vinyl tiles

These tiles are the same as the vinyl tile, only they look more luxurious. Often a luxury vinyl tile will have a more natural look to it resembling the elements of wood, stone or marble.

Made of 100% vinyl, and with a clear layer over the print, these tiles are hard and durable.

Surprisingly these tiles often cost less to maintain than vinyl composite tiles making luxury vinyl tiles a great choice in many businesses.

Modular carpet tiles

There are several businesses that may require carpets for various departments like offices, for these businesses there is a wide variety of choice.

Two of these options are broadloom carpets and modular carpet tiles.

Modular carpet tiles are the better choice between these two, as they offer more options to commercial buildings.

Being tiles, they are easy to install and the variety of choices offer customers a choice to personalize their business spaces by choosing styles, patterns and textures that fit their business and flooring needs.

Modular carpets use a vinyl backing, and the adhesive used to apply them is quite strong and allows them to stay fixed for a long period of time.

Modular carpets are durable and relatively easy to maintain in areas that recieve less traffic.


When choosing flooring for your commercial space, it’s important to know the type of traffic the flooring will endure, the space, location, type of business, style or decor, business budget and maintenance required to both install and maintain your flooring.

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