Toy review – Play-doh Drill n Fill Dentist

Play-doh gifted Hamish this increadibly cute Drill n Fill Dentist set on Friday.

This little set takes imaginative play to a new level as your child becomes the dentist and examines his patients teeth.

Designed to take the fear out of going to the dentist your little one can get their patient to stick out his play-doh tounge.

Teeth are created in the tooth mould or with the little moulds individually underneath the head. A great way to explain how dentures are made and how braces are attached.

There’s a toothbrush ( which pushes out play-doh toothpaste) and a tub of cavity coloured dough helps to mould teeth with cavities and gunk stuck to them allowing your mini dentist to start drilling and filling using the 10 dental tools included.

There are even gold and silver play-doh compounds for realistic fillings or braces.

A nice activity at home or inside the classroom for dental hygiene, great to keep the kids busy at the dentist office and a wonderful addition to any child’s play-doh and imaginative play centre’s.

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