Contemporary artist, Lillian Gray creates a virtual art studio for her students

Pablo Picasso said it best, “Every child is an artist.”

Through Art We Can Create Something That Was Only imagined

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the world and our everyday lives have been affected dramatically.We have had to adapt.The practice of social distancing has forced us to be innovative not only in our professional capacity, but our personal lives too.But there is a silver lining.We have seen a positive impact on the environment and are experiencing a new appreciation for social interaction.We have started seeing more and more musicians, television channels, museums and other forms of amusement offer their platforms free of charge in order to keep people entertained through these uncertain times.Locally, with schools closing their doors, parents are having to entertain their children and are looking for ideas which are not only entertaining and fun, but constructive too.Engaging children in creative and artistic activities plays a major role in nurturing their growth in several important developmental areas.Contemporary artist Lillian Gray,mother of two, has now extended her art classes into the virtual space, by creating some exciting tutorials on her YouTube channel. Her popular workshops for adults and adolescents which she runs from her home studio in Fairlands in Johannesburg, has had to close its doors due to the current restrictions on social gatherings.Not one to rest on her laurels, this innovative artist has shifted gears and decided to share her passion and use her teaching skills for the greater good.

Lillian explains, “Creating art is an awesome way to help children relax and keep them busy at home. They are also absorbing all the adult’s stress surrounding the Pandemic. Art teaches kids to plan and to make choices and solve problems. Every step involves making a decision: what colour to use, how to make a line, what size to make something. With every choice, the object becomes more and more their own”.

Lillian’s tutorial series focuses on a variety of techniques such as mixed media, printmaking, drawing and acrylic painting to name a few. Lillian is also keeping it interesting with themes such as endangered animals to help create awareness as well as “African” to keep it relevant and local.Her tutorials are aimed at younger children and teenagers/young adults, depending on their skill levels.

Watch the first few tutorials on: