Cooking with Little chef box

We got a special delivery from Little chef box today and Hamish was over the moon excited to make his own supper.

Little chef box supply boxes of yumminess for kids to make at affordable prices. ( This box with all ingredients, recipe and chef hat retails at R200)

The box is beautifully presented and each item individually labeled for easy use.

I was impressed at how generous the portions were.

The recipe was easy to follow and overall increadibly easy for Hamish to be able to do almost unaided.( although you should always supervise small children in the kitchen or when cooking)

First he cut his bacon.

And grated the cheese whilst the macaroni cooked.

Next he drained the macaroni and placed it in a large bowl. ( this portion fed all 3 of us)

He mixed up the easy white sauce adding in the magic sauce.

The yummy secret sauce contains vegetables and is a brilliant way to disguise a healthy meal for children who don’t like vegetables or may be fussy eaters.

Finally he mixed the sauce into his macaroni and added bacon.

It not only smelt devine but looked amazing.

We had the most fun cooking together.

Hamish loves pasta and now believes no one can cook like he can because that was the bestest.

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