Meet the brand – la Donne Spa

Two years ago I was privileged to virtually meet Donna through a business networking opportunity.

Two things stood out …. her passion and her kindness.

Today on the meet your brand series meet Donna from LA_DONNE_SPA

Tell us a bit about your brand

My Story
After developing an interest in beauty at a young age I studied Beauty Therapy at Thalia Shaer International, I have been part of the industry since 2000 when I obtained my SAAHSP (national diploma) and CIDESCO (international diploma)
Having had my 1st beauty salon at 21yrs old, to then doing treatments/ massaging in my spare time while branching into the corporate world (which is not for me lol )……
La Donne opened 3 May 2014 and has just kept growing and growing from strength to strength…introducing amazing products and treatments. Making special bond’s with peoe I meet. In this career, you never stop learning new things so you need to be ambitious in your learning.”

What was your inspiration to start your business.

At first when I was younger lol it was the ‘Beauty’ behind it all. Getting to do nails, massaging, make up, skin care.. How fun right? :).. But as time went on yes those things I still loved but it was the interaction with people.

Their need to be heard, Their stories, Their heartache, Their dreams, Their up and downs. I connect with people on another level making them feel comfortable to trust me.

Making a Safe Space for them to let go. Beauty “THERAPY” in a whole new light. I have a passion to help people.

What is your vision/ mission with your brand

MY vision in starting LA DONNE SPA was to offer a service to my clients that not only exceeded excellence in the treatments they receive and the ambiance; But in a way that everyone can be pampered.
Creating a Safe Haven for all, uplifting others, helping them to see their worth and gifts.
There is a another whole new concept/ VISION that I have that is in motion but can’t talk about it just yet. It’s a secret for now but trust me it is going to be AMAZING. World changing.

What is your favourite product in your range and why?

Definitely massage..
From Indian Head Masaage, Reflexology, Full Body Massage to concentrating on problematic areas.
It’s in the touch, I feel what energies the person is giving off, and what ‘state’ the muscles are in and from this I know how and where to heal.

Tell us a bit about yourself- the person behind the brand.

I am a divorced single Mom to my wonderful son Tristan who will be 12 on the 30 June 2020. He is my life, my world and one of my reasons for pushing through daily on making my dreams/goals come true.
He is an empath like me. We have such a deep love for ALL ANIMALS and such empathy for humans/souls.

I like to try make at least 1 person smile a day 😁. I love Italian food, I love social gatherings with family and friends (thanks to Covid-19 not happening right now lol)
Me time: day spent in pj’s reading a good book or watching movies. Off social media.
I enjoy taking my husky on her walks or should I say she enjoys walking me.
I have just done an online course and have been Certified in Pedeology and Skin Science.
Busy with another online course for helping me grow.

What is your favourite quote

“When love, skill and passion work together expect a Divine experience” ..DJ

What message would you give a brand just starting out.

I would say follow your passion; dream it, live it, become it.. The more you focus on the ‘good’ the ‘positive’ the more it will just flow and fall into place. Trust the process.
You will have days where you feel like you have failed, it’s okay. Feel it deal with that emotion.
The next day get back up, dust yourself off and ‘Slay the Day’. You have got this.

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