Cricut Tools – The Essential tool set

You’ve finally bought your Cricut machine and now you are looking for the right tools to start creating.

I found the most helpful set was the Cricut essential tools set. This has all the tools you need to get started.

The cricut essential tool kit
What is in the essential tool kit? Let’s have a look.

1. Portable trimmer
The portable trimmer has become my go-to Cricut tool. It helps you to cut your materials straight. I also use it to cut basswood and wood veneer into bookmarks or mini squares for plaques. It has a pull-out ruler so you can measure your material length before cutting. This will soon become the tool you didn’t know you needed.

2. Trimmer replacement blades
This is a small blade to replace the original blade in your trimmer when it is blunt.

3. Trimmer scoring blade
Used to help you to score materials for card and paper crafts.

4. Scoring stylus
The scoring stylus creates neat lines and folds. It is used in the pen holder case on your machine and can be used instead of a scoring blade.

The weeder is my most used tool as I work with vinyl often. The weeder assists you to remove small cuts and excess material from your cut.

These tweezers feature a reverse grip and are used to remove or place small pieces while crafting.

7. Spatula
The spatula removes your images from the cutting mat.

8. Scissors
The Cricut scissors are small and sharp. They have a fine tip to snip small pieces snd a blade cover.

9. Scraper
Your scraper not only removes unwanted bits from your Cricut mats but is also an essential tool to transfer vinyl.

The Cricut tools are compatible with all Cricut machines, however, the scoring stylus does not fit in the Cricut joy machine.

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