Cricut Accessories- Machine tool organiser

As a crafter, I like to keep all of my craft tools and materials organised. This helps to prolong the life of the tool and makes it easier for me to find the item, material, or tool I am looking for. We also stay in a flat so my crafting space is quite limited, because of this I need to keep everything neat and organised.

When I saw the Cricut tool organizer I knew I needed it.

Then it arrived and I wondered why I had not bought it sooner.

The Cricut tool machine organizer

This 95mm x 102mm plastic container opens up into two levels and is for you to store blades and blade tips in. The top section is for the blades that have housings and the bottom section has groves for the detachable nibs to fit in.It stores up to10 Cricut tool housings and 9 quick swap tips.

I love that this allows me to keep my workspace neat as well as see my blades for easy access.

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