Dangerous by Tim Warnes

This book review is in collaboration with : The Kids Book Club

Title: Dangerous

Author: Tim Warnes


This adorable picture book is a suprise tale of friendship.

As little mole goes about his way labeling everything he finds a lumpy- bumpy thing with snippy -snappy teeth.

Mole was quite frightened and hides behind a bush typing up another lable to let people know this lumpy- bumpy thing is quite dangerous.

But mole wasn’t fast enough to lable the dangerous thing before it woke up flashing giant teeth and started to eat all the lables.

An angry mole huffed off only to be followed by the dangerous creature.

Will it eat mole or will they become friends?

Hamish loves this cute story and we had great fun discussing the ending and what he thought would happen.

A lovely way to explain tolerance, diversity and friendship because we can find a friend if we just look past our differences.

This book comes with a cd full of witty narration and original music and sound effects. There are page turner prompts for emerging readers to read along.

Disclaimer : All books are sponsored unless stated and the opinions expressed within the review are my own.

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