Sand art with ideas factory

We were recently sent a Sand Art home Kit from Idea Factory to review.

This was so much fun for us all and the perfect holiday and family bonding craft.

Not only is it easy enough for those who might be creatively challenged , it’s also stimulating for the more creative.

The kit comes with

A variety of cards, magnets and bookmarks to make.

Bottles of coloured sand

A funnel

Scraper tools to lift the sticky paper

Trays to work on

Detailed instructions

How to do Sand Art

Sand art is really easy and not messy at all.

Here’s my step by step guide to using your sand art kit cards to make a masterpiece.

1. Choose an image and place it onto a working tray supplied with the kit.

2. Start peeling the sticky paper away, a little at a time with the tool provided.

3. Pick your colour and pour some onto the part of the image you have exposed.

4. Once the section is covered in sand, lift the image allowing excess sand to fall onto the tray. Use the funnel to pour this sand back into your container.

5. Continue until you’ve completed the entire image.

The cards can be laminated or turned into greeting cards. The detailed instructions included in the box tell you how step by step as well as share ideas on how to care for the sand and the best ways to work on your sandy projects.

Our experience

Teenage holiday fun

I first introduced the kit to my teens on a particularly bored holiday. They were all moping around on their phones and I brought out the kit.

Within seconds all phones were down and creativity had begun. There were giggles and laughter and shouts about how each one needed the funnel or a colour or a new card.

Two of the girls had never done sand art before and were excited that their first attempts were so easy, not messy and beautiful.

But the girls weren’t the only ones having fun … Ronan was totally engrossed and it’s a good thing you can buy refill cards and sand because he started making cards for everyone .

The mandalas were a firm favourite amoung the teens as were the book marks.

Toddler pictures

This gorgeous dinosaur was made by Hamish, now nearly 3 years old,almost unassisted.

I helped him to remove the sticky paper but he was able to do the rest alone.

We’ve done several and with winter and a sick toddler, this has been one of my go to activities.

Mom gets creative

Not to be left out, I did my own fair share of pictures and they were both relaxing and easy to do. I especially like that you can laminate the image using the plastic that it comes in.

This kit is a great investment to encourage bonding,especially with the teens. To boost creativity in a child who may not be confident being creative. For holidays or Christmas time. To use for kids to make teacher gifts and those personalised grandparent pictures.

To order your own kit contact

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