Day 8 Fun mamma Rainbow kids activity – scavenger hunt

Day 8 of the Fun mamma Rainbow kids activities was inspired by this stunning scavenger hunt on Simple acres blog.

Hamish and I had great fun searching for each item and this was an activity that kept him busy for at least 3 hours as we worked together to complete the challenges.

After he completed each one of the 8 activities, he marked them off with a marker on his sheet that I had printed off.

Scavenger hunt

1. Something that makes you happy.

I thought Hamish would answer dinosaurs or cars and was quite taken back when he said his robots.

He then went on search of some of his robots and came back with a transformer mask for himself.

This resulted in the cutest impromptu photo shoot.

2. Something to give someone else to make them smile

I have a box of snacks in my cupboard and Hamish went to get one to give to his dad to make him smile.

3. Something that you love to smell

Hamish immediately climbed onto the table and went to smell the flowers I bought yesterday.

4. Something that you like looking at

For this task Hamish asked me to get down a new favourite game and he took the mirror out and looked at himself.

As the game was down we interrupted our scavenger hunt to play a quick game first.

5. Something that is your favourite colour

Hamish chose green as his favourite colour.

This was also new to me as we often buy him blue or red items.

6. Something you are thankful for in nature

This was an easy one and Hamish ran straight outside to give the tree a hug.

7. Something that you can use to make a gift for someone

Hamish and big brother Ronan share a love of rocks and Hamish automatically went outside to choose a huge rock for Ronan as a doorstop.

I gave him some puffy alphabet stickers and he hot busy decorating the rock to gift to Ronan.

8. Something that is useful to you

I let Hamish dig in my Tupperware cupboard and he found these two novelty cups to fill with grapes as a snack for him and Ronan.

This was the most fun and I’ve since looked for several more scavanger hunts to keep Hamish busy throughout lockdown.

Have you tried a scavanger hunt with the kids yet?