Dear mom who can’t hold on

Today I was scrolling through a community page and I saw that a young girl I assisted commited suicide.I don’t know her personally, although I had met her once, but I followed her story.I watched from behind the scenes, having been a teen mom myself, cheering her successes and looking if we had any means to help her on her set backs.I had and still have so much admiration for this young girl who was trying her hardest to give her son a future.I remember one night she collected a tin of milk and nappies Hamish couldn’t use and she was gentle, polite and so proud as I asked after her son.I don’t know her full circumstances. I will never try to speculate them.

But as a mother….

I know how alone and desperate she must have felt. How fearful for her son’s future and mostly how she must have believed she failed him.And so, the world became too much and there’s a young boy who is no longer tucked in by his mommy or read a bedtime story. He will no longer get a warm kiss or night time cuddle. No longer can he lie against her chest and feel safe in her loving arms.This has upset me all day.


We read about terrible things all the time. I’m no stranger to teen suicide or the harshness of this world.

So why this one story ….

Because each time I look at Hamish, who is almost the same age as this little boy, I wonder how he would live without mommy and I see images of a lost, lonely, confused little boy.

I see how young this girl was and I see my own elder children. How does a parent live with this level of loss? And I think how much the world has changed in my many years of parenting. The village is no longer a group of wizened grey haired mother’s passing down their knowledge or holding a new mom’s hand through her darkness.Today moms are in competition for everything. We as society have become so self absorbed we’ve forgotten to look at our neighbour and check she is ok.We’ve forgotten that kindness costs nothing. If you are a mom who needs to talk. If you need someone to listen or advise. If you looking for answers, I may not have them but I promise we can find someone who does ….

Please contact me !

Let me loan you my strength. Please don’t let your children wake up without you tomorrow ….they need you….just as you are.

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