Dear teacher of the toddler class

Dear teacher of the preschool class

Firstly, thank you for being the ” mommy” my little boy needs while I work.

Thank you for thinking for him, anticipating his needs, guiding him and teaching him a numerous amount of skills all day.

Your job is so much more than just another day at the office.

As a preschool teacher I know the patience you need to sit through the new child who cried for 4 solid hours. I know how much creativity it takes to get the busy child to sit still and the shy child to stop hiding in the corner.

I know the energy you need to sing morning songs and play playground games.

I know how gentle you need to be but also that sometimes you need to be a little more strict.

I know how many noses you wipe, bums you clean, boo boos you kiss and just how many times you’ve stopped the bitter, the hitter and the hair puller.

You spend hours putting on shoes and taking them off. Opening lunches and cleaning a mess.


This is the profession you have been called to.

May you never forget the huge responsibility that you are given each morning when a parent leaves their precious child in your care.

Never underestimate that level of trust or how quickly you can destroy that.

Never take for granted that you are loved by your student. They go home and sing songs about you, draw you pictures and talk about the new things you’ve taught them.

Just as a mother sets the tone for her home through her attitude towards life, so do you from the minute you enter the school.

So, if you finding it hard today start the morning with a children’s cd, sing , clap and dance.

Encourage play between you and your class. Get down to their level and talk to them …toddler’s are some pretty smart creatures.

And even though your hours are long, your pay is bad and your patience is tested….

Know that every day you’ve deposited a memory into a young life !


The mom of a toddler

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  1. Very beautifully written Judy. I love the flow. Also, when teachers just admit that somedays they make mistakes, it is far better than excuses. Parents really appreciate the absolute truth, because we do know our kids and being partners in raising these little ones as teachers and parents sometimes we forget the kind of responsibility and importance we hold. So beautiful.

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