Stranger Things launch

Last month we were invited to the Netflix #watchparty Stranger Things #FirstThursday launch at Clarkes in Cape Town.

Not familiar with the show I googled to see what all the hype was about.

Stranger things

If you like me have not seen an episode yet let me try explain. Stranger Things was created by the Duffer brothers and first released in 2016. Currently it is in its 3rd season.

The show takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the early to mid 1980’s.

The first season concentrates on the disappearance of Will Bytes and the second season follows on with the repercussions of his disappearance.

In season 3 the characters are discovering the ‘ forces of evil that are new’

You can see the trailer for season 3 here

In short this is a gripping tale full of supernatural forces, odd events, secret experiments and one strange girl called Eleven.

Netflix #watchparty launch

And so to celebrate the launch of season 3 we were invited to attend a Netflix #watchparty event at Clarkes in Cape Town.

We arrived to a crowd all waiting in anticipation, street lights ready to shine and ushers handing us our vouchers for the evening.

We entered the eerie passage with curiosity. Decorative images and posters lighting the way.

Once inside I felt like I had truly stepped back into my youth.

An 80s style carnival and disco awaited us.The strobe light throwing patterns on the checkered dance floor as the DJ played 80s hits.

We grabbed something to drink, reminiscing some of our 80s hey days and headed off to the carnival section to try our luck.

There were 3 games set up. A slam the rat where Brent won me some jewels ….sweet jewels but it still counts.

A wheel to spin where we won things like popping candy and a claw machine to win some Stranger Things merchandise.

Brent managed to win a Hoppy Pop doll. I got a hat 😋😂

After using up our game tokens we used our food tokens on popcorn, candyfloss and waffles on a stick.

It was a really awesome evening.

Of course as parents of a toddler we called this a date night and had so much fun remembering our own teenage years. ( In the 80’s)

Since the launch Brent has watched the series and is addicted. My adult kids all love the series and when I can get a break from cleaning and playing with playdough I’ve decided to give it a try…..something tells me I may enjoy this series.

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