Delicious lunch box inspiration from Glad

For some easy lunchbox inspiration, look towards your leftover ingredients and food to create delicious lunches.

A wholesome lunch helps each family member maintain focus and energy levels for the day.

When preparing dinner, look at which of the ingredients could be used for lunch the next day – its all about a mindset change.

Using your leftovers for lunch will save you money and reduce waste.

Below are some suggestions for delicious leftovers:

  • Slice leftover meat and make delicious sandwiches, place in a GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Sandwich bag to keep it fresh.
  • Use last night’s stir-fry with some hummus, tzatziki or guacamole (made from leftover avocado) in pita, then secure tightly in GLAD Wrap or pop it into a GLAD Sandwich Bag.
  • Leftovers from a braai are great to fill up a lunchbox. Simply seal each piece separately in GLAD Wrap or even a GLAD Sandwich bags.
  • A tasty lunch can be made with leftover meatballs, chicken breasts or burger patties on a roll. Combine with lettuce, tomato and cheese and seal in GLAD Wrap for a tight fit.
  • Leftover fruit is a healthy addition to any lunchbox and is ideally stored in GLAD Snack Bags.
  • The extra cheese from last night’s dinner has many uses such as on sandwiches, salads, wraps or pitas.
  • Leftover food can also be used for lunch the next day such as chicken nuggets, parcel into GLAD Sandwich Bags once cooled, to eat the next day.
  • Mix leftover tuna or chicken with mayonnaise and some chopped up celery, carrots, gherkins or spring-onion to create a tasty filling for sandwiches or pita’s. Keep it fresh with GLAD Wrap.
  • Use your leftover salad ingredients, such as cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, as accompaniments for the next day – either as healthy snacks or in a sandwich, roll or wrap. Keep them fresh with GLAD Wrap or in GLAD Snack bags.

GLAD products have thousands of uses and you will be glad to have them around.

Make sure to put them on your shopping list to make lunchtimes a little easier!

All GLAD products are made for your convenience with the purpose of keeping your food fresh for longer. GLAD – Saving good food. From going bad.

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