Dreaming of a new bathroom

Having everyone at home over lockdown has made me realise that we simply do not have an adequate bathroom at all, in fact we could very much do with a bathroom remodel.

I’m contemplating my dream bathroom makeover right now as I sit staring at the rain clouds about to burst forth and wondering how my landlord will react to me upgrading his bathroom to family version 2.1 with my vision of home improvements for his flat.

Our bathroom

We have a bathroom and a guest toilet that I personally think were most likely designed somewhere in the 80’s and although functional do not really meet the needs of a modern day family.

The style and tiles are outdated and you can see it is a rental as several tiles are showing a slight crack due to everyday wear and tear.


My first reaction would be to change the tiles. A crisp white would give the small room a simple yet clean look. It would also not “date” the bathroom to a specific era.

Tiles are easy to clean and simple to wipe down with bathroom cleaner, or in the event of mould ( which often happens in our flat due to the house design) -a mould cleaner.

Knowing this I would tile the entire room, not just as currently above the bath and in the shower.


I love vinyl and think a cute vinyl saying or quote above the bath would add a touch of fun to the room.

You can also decorate so well with vinyl. Simply peel off and reapply a new design as you upgrade your room.

For those who rent this is also a great option to making your rental space feel like your own.


I wouldn’t add much in line of decor as the room to me is more about functionality and with a hoard of boys in and out, I’d spend far too many hours trying to neaten up.

But I would replace our horrid medicine cabinet ( with it’s aged yellow hue) to a decorative mirror and add a small wooden shelf above the basin to hold toothbrushes.

A matching shelf above the toilet and bath would allow for storage and a pretty (plastic) pot plant.


The shower is my least favourite, with it’s wobbly doors and outdated shower head.

I honestly do not enjoy having to wash in our current box like shower, and would love a shower that adds a little elegance and luxury to my bathroom.

I’ve recently been drooling over at Kohler Luxstone as inspiration.

A luxurious new shower that not only looks amazing but also has functional accessories and shelving that doesn’t rust or warp would be a welcome addition to my current dorm like bathroom.

Final touch

And while I’m dreaming, the final touches to my dream bathroom would be some thick, fluffy, soft beige towels ( because can any home with boys really own white towels? ) and a deep bath math to soak up all the splush splashes from my threenager and soap suds from the teens.

For now I’ll just keep dreaming as I grab the bathroom cleaner and head up to clean the toilet ….again!