Earn money online with Intellifluence

Over the years I have tried several online options to earn extra money and supplement my income as a Stay at home mom.

One of the more profitable ways has been through a company called Intelliflence

Who are Intellifluence?

Intellifluence is an American company that offer bloggers and Influencers a platform to apply for campaigns.

I’ve used them for the last two years and have managed to secure many campaigns through them.

Whilst a lot of the campaigns are American based and may require you to live in the USA to recieve a product or need you to purchase a product there are also quite a few that will pay you to write blog posts, create Instagram or Facebook posts or review an online game.

Sounds easy? It is….all you need to do is sign up and start earning!

How to sign up to Intellifluence

Signing up is easy !

You simply log onto their website or download their Intellifluence APP from playstore.

Then, use my referral code https://links.intellifluence.com/5Y9D

Once you are on the main page, fill in your details to complete your profile and head to the marketplace where you can view the current campaigns on offer.

How to complete a campaign

Once you have bid on the campaign you’d like to take part in, you will receive an email confirmation from Intellifluence to go ahead.

Your campaign will also include a deadline date in which time the campaign needs to be completed and a price that they are paying.

After your confirmation to go ahead, complete the task and send the link back to Intellifluence. This then marks your campaign as completed.

Intellifluence will, in turn, check the task is completed and allocate your payment.

How does Intellifluence Pay

Once your task is completed and your payment is allocated, there is normally a short waiting period as the brand has a week to confirm that you’ve completed the task and Intellifluence usually payout on a Friday.

The Earnings summary will keep you up to date on what money has been cleared for payment and on the dates for payout.

Intellifluence Pay into a PayPal account, and you can easily set these up with the help of your bank.

This year, so far, I’ve earned $ 830. 00 with Intellifluence, which is around R16 000 ….not bad for a few online posts.

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