PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie opens at cinemas on Friday, 11 October

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie opens at cinemas on Friday, 11 October

Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies and Spin Master Entertainment Present 

A Spin Master Entertainment Production 


Directed by Cal Brunker

Screenplay by Cal Brunker & Bob Barlen

Story by Cal Brunker & Bob Barlen and Shane Morris

Based on the Television Series Created by Keith Chapman

Produced by Jennifer Dodge, p.g.a., Laura Clunie, p.g.a., Toni Stevens, p.g.a.

Executive Producers Ronnen Harary, Adam Beder, Peter Schlessel


Mckenna Grace,

Taraji P. Henson,

Marsai Martin,

Christian Convery,

Ron Pardo,

Lil Rel Howery,

Kim Kardashian,

Chris Rock,

Serena Williams,

Alan Kim,

Brice Gonzalez,

North West,

Saint West,

Christian Corrao,

Luxton Handspiker,

Nylan Parthipan,

Callum Shoniker,

with James Marsden,

and Kristen Bell,

introducing Finn Lee-Epp


When a magical meteor crash lands in Adventure City, it gives the PAW Patrol pups superpowers, transforming them into The MIGHTY PUPS!


For Skye, the smallest member of the team, the new powers are a dream come true. But things take a turn for the worse when the pups’ archrival, Mayor Humdinger, breaks out of jail and teams up with Victoria Vance, a meteor-obsessed mad scientist, to steal the pups’ superpowers and turn themselves into supervillains.


With the fate of Adventure City hanging in the balance, The Mighty Pups must stop Humdinger and Vance before it’s too late, and Skye will learn that even the smallest pups can make the biggest difference.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Spin Master.

Following the success on the big screen of 2021’s PAW PATROL: The Movie, PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE brings everyone’s favorite pups back to cinemas nationwide with new and mightier super-suits, vehicles, and fun adventures.


The new film takes everything audiences loved about the series and theatrical debut to a new level, introducing new characters and adventures, and a mighty story with an emotional core that spotlights the high-flying pup Skye, to show that no pup’s too small to make a *big* impact.


Joining the franchise is Taraji P. Henson, as the villainous Victoria Vance, a scientist who ups the stakes against the PAW Patrol.


The comedy-adventure also highlights the comic talents of Marsai Martin, returning to voice Liberty, a long-haired miniature Dachshund and longtime PAW Patrol mega-fan, who joined the team in the previous movie outing; Lil Rel Howery as Sam Stringer, a charming and hip news anchor, and the new voice of Adventure City; and famed comedian/actor Chris Rock, as one of Humdinger’s beloved kitties, who, very briefly, gains the power of speech thanks to the meteor’s magical crystals.


Mckenna Grace takes over the role of Skye, the diminutive, cute, and smart Cockapoo puppy; and Christian Convery assumes the role of Chase, the fearless German Shepherd.


Moreover, PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE is packed with hilarious comic cameo voices, including Kristen Bell, James Marsden, Kim Kardashian, and tennis great Serena Williams.


It also introduces the Junior Patrollers – three young Pomeranian puppies, named Mini, Nano and Tot, dressed in pup scout uniforms, voiced by North West (in her feature debut), Alan Kim and Brice Gonzalez.   



The largest meteor shower in 50 years thrills the residents of Adventure City, until a mad scientist’s “meteor magnets” cause a celestial body – the size of a small car – to slam into one of the city’s streets. The meteor destroys the PAW Patrol’s high tech, high-rise headquarters, Pup Tower, but even that can’t stop the pups’ duty to protect the citizens and investigate the phenomenon.

What they find changes everything.

The meteor’s glowing crystal core reveals seven equally sized crystal shards. One crystal slides along the floor and then attaches itself to Skye’s collar and instantly infuses her with the power of flight and super strength.

The team’s smallest pup is now its strongest!

The rest of the crystals then attach themselves to each of the other pups:

        Chase, a German Shepherd who serves as a police dog and is a natural leader, transforms into a flash of blue light; he now possesses superspeed!

        Marshall, the team’s brave firedog, and an excitable, all action Dalmatian pup, now has fireballs dancing above his paws, and can create a massive energy ladder for rescues.

        Zuma, a water rescue Chocolate Labrador pup, becomes “one with the water” and can now shoot aqua blasts from his paws.

        Rocky, a master of recycling and a mixed breed, becomes the center of attraction when his body becomes magnetized, transforming him into a walking magnet.

        Rubble, a construction Bulldog who is tough and gruff but possesses a heart of gold, is now surrounded by a powerful energy field, turning him into a one-pup wrecking ball,

        Liberty is initially in search of her specially chosen, and yet to be revealed, superpower. While she awaits her turn, Liberty takes charge of training the Junior Patrollers.

 The fluffy doggies who make up the PAW Patrol are now The Mighty Pups.

Cal Brunker returns to direct after providing moviegoers with a new PAW Patrol experience in the first film, and now gives the PAW Patrol phenomenon an even more expansive canvas.

From the start, Brunker and the producers and writers wanted to ensure the pups’ newly acquired powers were tailor made for each. The filmmaker notes, “We were looking for superhero powers that dovetailed into something personal for the pups.”

Adds producer Laura Clunie of Spin Master Entertainment, which produces the series and films, “The meteor’s crystals amplify their personal attributes and vehicles to perform in that super-powered way.”

Brunker also points to the newly christened Mighty Pups’ vehicles, which can launch to top speeds in a fraction of a second, as another turbo-charged element introduced in this film. “We have all new vehicles for the Mighty Pups that complement their superpowers, with a futuristic feel, new colors, and incredible functionality – all powered by the pups. As power surges and glows through their new superhero suits, they can slam their hands on the vehicle, transfer the power, and bring their rides to roaring life.”

Brunker embraced the challenges and opportunities afforded by the film’s scale. “This one really ups the ante,” he points out. “The most exciting part of making a superhero story is that it allowed us to raise the stakes with bigger action and more visual excitement.”



All the Mighty Pups are given special moments in PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE, but it is Skye’s story that forms the film’s emotional core. In the first film, Chase’s journey created powerful and heartfelt moments, revealing that he had been abandoned on the mean streets of Adventure City before PAW Patrol team leader Ryder adopted him.

Now, PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE uncovers Skye’s challenging background as the runt of her litter, her rise to superhero status – and the true meaning of “…no pup’s too small…”

Says Brunker, “Skye’s story looks at what it means to her to be the smallest pup on the team, the insecurities that come with that, and how she conquers them. Skye realizes that even though she’s the smallest pup, she can make a big difference.”

Says Clunie, “The first film, in telling Chase’s backstory, gave us the confidence to tell another compelling and emotional history about one of the pups. Over the years, we had a lot of great feedback from kids, who were eager for a great character story.”

Clunie continues, “Skye is one of the fan favorites, and it was important to us to tell her story and explore the unique things about her. Moreover, the superhero genre was the perfect way to highlight Skye because the genre is so universal and beloved.”

Mckenna Grace, who voices the role, expands upon the circumstances that brought Skye to her superhero status. “Skye was the runt of the litter and sometimes feels a little down on herself about that. But what’s great about Skye’s character arc is that she really learns to find herself and discover that even the smallest pup can become the mightiest. Skye finds the strength within herself to be a true hero.

“It’s a really important message, especially for younger people,” Grace continues. “There’s no pup – or kid – too small to really make a difference.”

The filmmakers were pleased to have Grace voice the key role, on the heels of her work in the box-office hit Ghostbusters. Says Clunie, “Mckenna encapsulates the youthfulness of a pup while making it powerful and leveling it up for the theatrical experience. Skye is a character that’s super bright, friendly, and bubbly, but also has a bad***ery about her.”Adds Brunker, “Mckenna brought emotion and gravitas to Skye’s story, as well as a fun attitude. She really captured the emotional part of the story and found a voice the audience can empathize with.”  Clunie and Brunker were also impressed with the young actor’s musical talents. Grace loved Skye so much and was so connected to her that she wrote a song about that connection. “She emailed Cal and me directly,” Clunie remembers, “telling us she was so honored to play Skye that she was inspired to write a song.” The tune, “Bark to the Beat,” which Grace wrote and performs, can be heard in the film’s end credits.


The film introduces us to another unforgettable villain – Victoria (Vicky) Vance, voiced by Taraji P. Henson, a meteor-obsessed mad scientist who conducts dangerous experiments from an abandoned observatory at the edge of Adventure City. Her latest invention, the Meteor Magnet, pulls meteors out of their orbit and brings them down to Earth. During a meteor shower, Vance tries to pull a meteor out of the sky, but the magnet malfunctions and causes the fireball to crash into Adventure City, creating massive destruction. When the PAW Patrol gets superpowers from the mysterious crystals inside the meteor, Vance is furious. That was her meteor; those should be her superpowers! Now, Vance will go to extreme lengths – and even form an unlikely partnership with PAW Patrol arch-nemesis Humdinger – to steal those crystals and powers from the heroic team.Henson enjoyed diving into Vance’s villainy, while highlighting some of her less odious qualities. “Well, Vicky is really smart,” Henson insists, “and created this enormous magnet that can pull things from the sky. So, when she does pull this meteor down, the superpowers that come with it should be hers, right?” What about the “mad scientist” designation? “Vicky won’t have it!” says Henson with a laugh. “I love how she plays against the ‘mad scientist’ thing. That term really rubs Vicky the wrong way. If you want to tick her off, call Vicky a mad scientist because she honestly doesn’t see herself that way. Vicky really thinks she’s doing good in the world. But of course, she’s not.”Brunker says that Henson brought unexpected dimensions and energy to the character. “Taraji was game for any and every idea we threw at her, and often came up with her own ideas,” he remembers. “Taraji’s Vicky walks the line between being a great villain and a character who’s fun to watch.”Clunie praises Henson for providing elements of “delightful villainy; she helps make Vicky fun, silly, and powerful. Her laugh is everything! Taraji really captured the character.”Clunie adds that the character emanated from the filmmakers wanting to have someone “play into that fantastical element of the superhero world. Taraji elevated the character, who’s super-engaged and smart and not dim-witted like Humdinger. She wants to stake her claim in the world that she created with the meteor.”The producer also draws an intriguing if unexpected connection between the wannabe supervillain and the heroic Skye. “Vance’s story complements Skye’s, in that both characters want to be seen,” she explains. “In fact, Vicky’s story mirrors Skye’s.”Pointing to a scene that underscores those unexpected ties, Clunie elaborates, “Vance imprisons Skye in her lair, and Skye identifies with Vicky, and we see Vicky softening. There are more dimensions to the character, as opposed to Humdinger, who’s one note but always fun.”Even though Vance’s villainy takes center stage, her unexpected alliance with Humdinger, with whom she engineers a jail break, points to the latter’s importance to the franchise. “Vance and Humdinger are a great duo,” says Brunker, “even though they mix like oil and water. “Humdinger is such an important part of the PAW universe; it’s not PAW Patrol without him.”


Meet Sam Stringer, a charming and hip news anchor who is the new voice of Adventure City. While he tries to stay neutral and objective, Sam can’t help adding his own colorful commentary into everything he reports on.“Sam is new to the world of PAW Patrol and is an opportunity to play on that classic reporter trope,” says Clunie. “He speaks directly to the audience.” To voice the role, the filmmakers turned to actor and comedian Lil Rel Howery, best known for his roles in the landmark film Get Out and the comedy series The Carmichael Show. “Lil Rel helps make Sam fun, lighthearted and playful,” Clunie continues, with Brunker adding, “I’m a longtime fan of Lil Rel; everything from him is funny.” Howery enjoyed playing the bigger – and louder – than life newsman. “Everything you want to know that’s happening on the streets of Adventure City, Sam Stringer is your guy to report it,” he proclaims. “Sam is an energetic, happy, and sometimes panicked newscaster. He’s stylish, wears a cool suit and cool glasses. I think the character brings something different to the PAW Patrol world – a different kind of energy, silliness, and fun.”Howery also embraced the film’s larger themes – “how to make different friends, team members, and teamwork,” he describes. “The PAW Patrol understands that each superpower has a reason for being there. The pups come together to make sure things get done.”


Our entryway into PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE is provided by junkyard owners Janet and Hank, who are new to the franchise and voiced by Kristen Bell and James Marsden.Janet is the co-owner, with hubby Hank, of J&H Scrap, a scrapyard on the outskirts of Adventure City. She handles all the heavy-duty welding and metal cutting and knows her way around a blowtorch. Janet is overprotective of Bruce, her pet goldfish. Hank spends his days operating a giant electromagnet, moving tons of scrap around the yard. When Victoria Vance steals the electromagnet to build her own giant meteor-snatching device, she accidentally sets the scrapyard on fire. Who are Janet and Hank gonna call to rescue them?  The PAW Patrol, of course.

“Hank and Janet are warm and fun characters who find themselves caught up in Vicky Vance’s nefarious plans,” offers Brunker.Taking on the role of Janet is Kristen Bell, who was a natural to voice the character on several fronts. Her husband, actor-filmmaker Dax Shephard, voiced one of Humdinger’s henchman in the first film; and Bell had done some previous work for Spin Master, on the brand side of the franchise.

Notes Clunie, “Kristen is so playful, delightful, and super-accessible; we really wanted her to be a part of this film. She and James brought another dimension to the characters, offering different approaches before we landed on one in the recording studio.”

Adds Brunker, “Both James and Kristen were incredibly fun and funny and gave Hank and Janet an attitude that really brought them to life.”


When the dachshund Liberty was introduced in the first film, she immediately became a fan favorite, as well as that of the film’s director. “Marsai Martin, who voices Liberty, is one of my favorite actors,” marvels Brunker. “She is full of energy, and her voice gives Liberty more edge than the other pups, allowing her to stand out among them. Liberty has a great story in this film, and we had a lot of fun exploring it.”

Much of Liberty’s adventure centers on her being the sole PAW Patrol pup who isn’t immediately given superpowers after the meteor crash lands in Adventure City. While she tries to figure out what’s going on with that, Liberty accesses a kind of inner superpower, mentoring the Junior Patrollers. “That power is within herself,” Martin points out. “Liberty learns a lot about what she can do with the pups and how they can be formed in the way she was, which is to be a confident and powerful leader. You see her progression and relationship with the Patrollers, which is beautiful.”

Still, the lack of a superpower frustrates Liberty. “She’s very conflicted and confused,” Martin continues. “And also, curious about why she can’t figure it out. Throughout the film, she tries to discover her power, but never gives up on herself.”

 Never giving up on yourself or your friends and teammates is one of the core precepts of the PAW Patrol franchise, as is the team’s credo, “No job too big, no pup too small.”

It’s only fitting that this key theme remains a thematic centerpiece in the PAW Patrol’s biggest mission ever – all as the phenomenon celebrates its landmark tenth anniversary of bringing joy and the message of teamwork to children all over the world.

For the cast and filmmakers, those themes continue to echo. Notes Clunie, “I hope that the message resonates with audiences: no matter how small you are, what you do matters. You can make a huge difference, and you are important. We always try to be authentic to our fans and hope they’re inspired by these stories and leave thinking, wow, that was for me. There aren’t many movies being offered to this audience.”

Brunker concludes, “I hope audiences experience a sense of wonder and empowerment. For some young moviegoers, this will be their first superhero movie, and as the pups gain superpowers, maybe the youngsters will project themselves into those magical moments. All the magic of the movies is in PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE, and the big screen is the way to experience it.”



*Quotes given before SAG-AFTRA strike*


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