Earth day and a beach clean up

Today is Earth day and I could think of no better way of spending it than on the beach.

The ocean is my calm space and I’m a strong advocate for beach clean up and preserving our ocean life.

Hamish follows his mother’s love for the beach and ocean creatures so when my eldest daughter , Tammi, a Girl guide leader, sent me the notice for a family day beach clean up to celebrate Earth day with the Girl guides I knew we would be there.

To make things extra special the planned beach clean up was taking place at Milnerton beach -where we got married.

What a wonderful place to celebrate family day.

I was joined by Brent, 2 of my big boys- Byron and Ronan, Tammi, my youngest daughter Kerri and Hamish.

As the mom of 6 busy adult and teen kids and a toddler, I can assure you getting everyone all together at once takes skill …so 5/ 7 is an awesome turn out.

It was a wonderful morning. We walked as far as the lagoon and collected a collective staggering amount of dirt at the end of our clean up.

I’m always amazed at the amount of plastic straws and cigarette butts I find and as a non smoker I do judge why smokers are so messy ?

The tiny pieces of polystyrene which mingle on the sand are the hardest to clean and I came across about 8 dead crabs littering a small section near the lagoon.

To make this day extra special the Girl guides were joined by Coastal ghost and their beautiful dogs for this clean up.

I’m keen to learn more about this mom and son they who are currently travelling our coasts participating in various beach clean up.

We spent a productive 3 hours on the beach. Each of us going off on our own to collect as much dirt as we could.

Brent and I took turns carrying Hamish when his little legs were tired from running in the water and finding new ocean treasures along the way.

All too soon our time was up and we headed back towards the group where the Girl guides took their photos and waited for a very special guest to arrive….

And finally after a weekend of Easter festivities the very real Easter bunny stood in front of Hamish.

Hamish was so excited and walked confidently towards the bunny for the longest hug ever.

Thank you to the Girl guides for hosting such a special family day 💝

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