How to host the perfect Easter picnic for kids

Easter is one of my favourite holidays and I love to decorate and make memories.

Often I start with the Fun celebrations long before Easter so it was no surprise when I decided we were hosting an Easter picnic yesterday.

Enjoying an Easter picnic on Easter Sunday started when I was just a child. My grandmother and I would wake up early, get dressed in our Sunday best and go to the shops in order to choose a chocolate cake to take home and decorate together.

Over the years, I’ve hosted many garden Easter picnics for my children. Most of them have been celebrated a lot earlier than Easter Sunday but always with as much love, enthusiasm and cake as my grandmother shared on our special picnics.

For your Easter picnic you will need:

1. Tent, teepee or large shaded area

I used the tent we bought for Hamish at Christmas for Hamish’s picnic but you could use any tent, teepee or shaded area.

2. Picnic blanket or large play mat

Hamish has a durable play mat from Chanteez and it was perfect to use inside his teepee to get comfortable with his Easter bunny friends.

You could let your child use any play mat or small blanket.

3. Easter friends

Hamish was joined in his Easter picnic by his two bunny friends. The blue bunny is Kerri’s and the fluffy bunny is from Silistraw’s limited edition Happy Easter silistraw promotion.

Any Easter bunnies and cuddly friends are always welcome to a picnic.

4. Cake

For me, personally, there is nothing nicer than a freshly baked cake from my local Spar bakery. We have the nicest Spar across the road so it’s also convenient and affordable.

You could also bake your own with the kids and start a new tradition.

5. Easter eggs and sweets

To dress up our Easter Cake this year we will be using:

🔹️ Mister Sweets Speckled eggs

🔹️ an assortment of Beyers chocolate hallow foil covered chocolate eggs

🔹️Lindt bunny paw prints

6. Cake topper

Our beautiful Happy Easter cake topper was sponsored by That’s Noo

To decorate I inserted the beautifully designed laser cut Happy Easter sign and placed 3 foil hallow eggs around it.

I especially love that I can dye this little wooden sign with food colouring to match my decor.

7. Lindt bunny paw prints

I added 2 bunny paws onto the edge of the cake to show a bunny may have hopped onto the cake and had Hamish help me sprinkle speckled eggs around the cake base.

These are my absolute favourite and last year I dipped them in icing sugar and made paw prints on the counter.

8. Bunny ears and outfit

This took no time at all. I dressed Hamish in a pair of grey pants and a grey shirt and added a pair of bunny ears and before you could say down a rabbit hole I had a cute hopping bunny.

9. Easter bunting

All great tea parties need a bunting to highlight the day and this delicate string of little wooden Easter eggs wishing you a happy Easter was sponsored by That’s Noo

Your Easter picnic can be as elaborate or as plain as you would like. You may want to add cute Easter food ideas and bottles of milk. Or maybe some fresh baby carrots and finger foods. Or perhaps you want to be like Hamish and I and just eat cake.

No matter how you choose to picnic the golden rule is to always make your picnic area look like a place of wonder.

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