Easy cheat yoghurt cake

Looking for a summer inspired slice of cake with your coffee but you don’t have an hour to bake one ?

Try my cheat yogurt tea cake

To make your own, you will need: 

  • Pre-bought sponge cake
  • ¬†yoghurt ( any flavour)
  • seasonal berries to decorate

Method :

To quickly construct your cake, slice the cake in half and cut out a centre.

Spread with a thin layer of yoghurt between the top and bottom layer. I used strawberry yoghurt to compliment the berries but you can use any flavour tgat you prefer.

Sandwhich the two pieces together gently.

Lastly spread the top with yoghurt. Again I used strawberry.

Place fruit to decorate. You could also add fresh mint leaves instead of the strawberry tops or use edible flowers, seeds and nuts accirdibg to your preference.

Keep in the fridge, serve cool like a fridge tart.


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