Good Basics sanitizer wipes : Review and discount code

One of the things that you will always find in my handbag is sanitizer wipes.

As a busy mom, who is constantly on the go juggling life, I’m constant wiping something when I’m out with Hamish.

If it’s not our hands, it’s supermarket trolleys, bathroom handles and sseats.A public bathroom seat is always my worst nightmare and I can not have Hamish or I sit down until I have wiped it down. There’s nothing worse than dust opening I’ve run out of sanitizer or trying to wipe the seat with toilet paper, which on its own is not sufficient to kill any germs or bacteria.

So when Good Basics offered to send me some of their products to try I was super excited andI’m loving these indivually packaged sanitizer wipes.

Neat to store in their cardboard dispenser box and the perfect size to pop into a handbag or purse. Each box contains 20 wipes.

With a highly effective sanitizing solution that destroys 99% of germs and bacteria, these wipes contain 70% ethanol and can be used on your face, hands, and devices or surfaces like bathroom seats.

I could smell the ethanol immediately which left me confident knowing that the surfaces I wipe are definitely clean and sanitized.

Good news

Now you can try these too….

Good Basics  are offering my readers a 10 % discount when you order using my discount code.




You too can have peace of mind and keep those germs away whilst taking the kids out and about these holidays.


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