Meeting Cheslin Kolbe

Yesterday we got a call from the Expresso show to ask if Hamish could model for Woolworths in today’s show.  Many of you would have seen him a few times already on Expresso show, and he absolutely adores going to set.

So, after confirming with Hamish, we agreed to bring him through this morning. It was a great show and as always, he had a huge amount of fun.

You can watch him in action in this clip here

Springbok fan

However, I had also seen Expresso mention that they were having one of the Springbok players in studio this morning and I told Hamish he may just get to meet a rugby player.

Taking his position as Springbok fan and junior rugby player super seriously, he chose his Springbok supporters shirt to wear this morning and took along his Bokke mascot.

He was determined to see one of his World cup rugby heroes.

We had great fun trying to guess who it might be and his top three choices were Steven Kitschoff, Cheslin Kolbe and Sia Kollisi.

Imagine, the excitement when we got to the studio only to discover that Cheslin Kolbe and his wife, Layla, were infact guests.

Hamish was determined to meet him and ask him for his autograph to keep with his collection of players autographs from when he was the Stormers mascot in December last year.

About Cheslin Kolbe

Cheslin Kolbe, was born in Kraaifontein, Cape Town. He recently celebrated his 30th birthday and aside from being increadibley humble, amazingly patient and gentle with the kids, he is also one of the fastest rugby players and holds two world cup medals.

Once a Stormers player he now plays for Japan . Known as one of the best wingers in the game, he can also  play in positions of fly half and full back.

Interestingly, South Africa’s thrilling 36-34 win over New Zealand in 2018 was one of the best matches of modern times and it also saw Kolbe score his first international try.

With these impressive accomplishments, it’s no wonder Hamish was so eager to meet him.

Meeting Cheslin Kolbe

When we walked on set, Cheslin was sitting at the couch for his interview and both kids ( and us moms) automatically spotted him.

Hamish asked if I could please find out if he could meet him. Which I obviously did, and it was agreed that the kids could meet him when the interviews were over.

The two excited models professionally strutted their stuff in their segment, then changed out of the outfits and headed back to set to meet Cheslin.

Hamish was determined that he needed to be wearing his rugby shirt to meet him and quickly grabbed the little Bokkie mascot for Cheslin to sign.

Super excited, my rather extrovert child was struck by nerves and hardly managed to say anything to Cheslin. But the smile was from ear to to ear as he shook his rugby heroes hand and posed for a photo.

We then had to rush about trying to find a pen to borrow for Cheslin to autograph the mascot …which he so kindly did.

Expresso were amazing and captured this special moment for the kids in video . You can watch it here

The whole drive home we were flooded with rugby facts and for the rest of the afternoon anyone Hamish saw was proudly shown the signed Mascot and heard about the wonderful adventure of how Hamish met one of his Rugby heroes.

Will Hamish play rugby for the Springboks one day ? I don’t know but I do know that the rugby players, like Cheslin, who take time to encourage and inspire little kids to dream big, will be the reason he knows that dreams do come true !



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