Easy Toffee Apple recipe

Today I started the first of my holiday alphabet of activities posts over on Instagram ( You can follow us here) and I  thought I would share my easy Toffee Apple recipe for anyone wanting to try make some.

You will need

600g of caster sugar
100ml of water
4 tbsp golden syrup
Food colouring
6 – 8 apples
Wooden Skewers


Boil the water in a pan.
Slowly add the sugar whilst stirring until you have a thick liquid.
Add the golden syrup and lastly a few drops of food colouring.
Wash your apples in hot water, I like to chill mine a bit first, then remove the stalk and pierce them with the wooden skewers.
Tip the pan carefully and coat the apples in thick liquid toffee and leave to set on the baking tray for  24 hours.

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