An Alphabet of Kids Holiday Activities – A is for Apple

The school holidays are here and I thought I’d share, over the next few weeks, an Alphabet of our favourite activities that have kept the kids busy over the years.

A is for Apple

3 fun things to do with apples

1. Colours and shades

Buy an assortment of apples and let your child sort them into colours or grade them according to shades.

2. Apple bopping

I would bring this out almost every rainy holiday to keep the kids busy ( and fed)
Fill a basin with water, throw in a few apples and let the kids see who can collect the most apples.
( disclaimer-It should be noted not to do this with small children and to supervise children near water at all times)

3. Make toffee apples

As a kid toffee apples were my favourite treat . I don’t make them that often anymore as Hamish doesn’t eat them but nothing beats a homemade toffee Apple.
I chill my apples first, as this helps the hot toffee to stick a bit faster and it’s easiest to remove them from baking paper than it is from a baking tray. They need to be chilled before serving.
The colours are just food colouring so you can make the colours as bright or light as you prefer.
Some people also like to use chocolate, I however prefer the traditional taste.
You can find many recipes for toffee apples online.
What are your favorite Apple activities to do with the kids?

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