Homemade Marmalade

As a new mom I lived with my grandmother and every Sunday in Winter we would wake to the delicious scent of a homemade marmalade being cooked in large steel pots in the kitchen. I love homemade Marmalade and it still makes me think of my grandmother every time I eat it on hot buttered toast.
I remember helping her get the ingredients ready for the next batch she was ready to make and it is actually a lot easier to cook than it looks.
I’ll share a recipe I use if you want to try to make your own.

Homemade Marmalade


5 oranges
1 lemon
2 cups sugar (500ml)
1L water


1. Start by squeezing the orange juice from the oranges and put it aside.
2. After squeezing the orange juice, remove the orange segments and put them in a separate bowl. Throw away the seeds.
3. Take the orange peel and remove the white part, the pith, of the orange by using a sharp knife. If you do not remove all the pith the marmalade comes out tasting very bitter.
4. Finely grate the orange peel.
5. In a  pot add 1 liter of water, 2 cups of sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, finely grated or chopped orange peel, the inside of an orange, and the freshly squeezed orange juice.
6. Place on the stove on medium heat .
7. Stir continuously until the water reduces and a thick consistency is formed.
8. While the mixture is hot transfer it into a jar. Let it cool off before you refrigerate it overnight.
Marmalade can be eaten in many ways but I enjoy it most on hot buttered toast.

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