Encourage your children’s creative juices with a Kids creations craft box

There is nothing Hamish and I enjoy more than to sit down and get creative together.

Not a week goes by that we don’t find some time to craft, draw, paint or make something new.

So, when Kids Creations recently sent us a curated box of crafts neither of us could wait to jump right in and get creating.

Who are Kids Creations Crafts

Kids Creations is a creative online company who specializes in getting your child’s creative juices flowing.

Not only do they curate an age appropriate monthly box of crafts for your child, but they also have an active calendar on their website which allows you to enjoy making crafts and memories with your children.

You also have the option to pick a personalized birthday box full of activities, and I know for us this would be the perfect gift for a relative to gift Hamish.

Once you are done, your child can proudly add their images to the inspirational Art wall on their website.

Our box

Our stunning box of crafts arrived beautifully presented, and accompanied by a welcome letter.

In our box was :

  • PVC apron
  • Dinosaur shape crayons
  • A6 wood design
  • Paints with paint brush
  • Velvet art
  • Dot sticker art
  • Foam watch to make
  • Spider craft
  • Ladybird craft
  • Hanging car wind chime
  • Educational building block toys

My first thoughts

My first thoughts were of how well the box was curated to both stimulate and encourage Hamish’s curiosity and creativity.

We have reviewed many craft boxes over the last few years and this certainly is one of the boxes that stands out with regards to quality.

The crafts kept him engaged and matched his creative abilities.I was definitely impressed.

About the crafts


The PVC apron is well made and will fit him for quite some time.

A product he can use at home and at school and as it is still very long on him, covers his entire outfit when used.

The paint and brushes were good quality.

The little pots of paint are increadibly cute and neat for packing into a suitcase or holiday bag. We used very little of the paint supplied and have added the rest to our art box for later projects.

The dinosaur shaped crayons were Hamish’s favourite. The 6 brightly coloured dinosaurs colour in well and are nice especially for little hands to grip and draw with. The novelty of owning his own crayons shaped like dinosaurs made his day.

Many of the stationary products can be used well after creating these crafts.

Educational building blocks

I was delighted to find these educational discs in the box for many reasons.

The first being that these particular discs are a product we already have and a go to in our construction area.

I’m a huge advocate for open ended play as and these offer hours of imaginative and creative play and development.

Secondly, often after a box of crafts has been completed your child has a few items of handiwork to show and then moves on leaving you wondering if you should in fact purchase another box or just scourer Pintrest for craft ideas.

Being able to gift Hamish a product that would last long beyond the crafting moments,especially one that continued to have an educational and creative benefit to him, was one of the reasons I would recommend this box to other moms.

Not only do we have new beautiful crafting memories but he gained a new educational toy as well.


As mentioned, I was super impressed with the craft choices. They matched his interest, age and skills ability.

Velvet art

The A4 velvet art was a dinosaur theme and came with some markers for him to colour in.

For a child who does not like colouring I was quite surprised when he chose this activity first.This beautiful art work now hangs on his bedroom door.

Dot sticker art

The dot sticker art images are wonderful for fine motor skills and as a pre-reading activity.

There were 2 A4 cards and several sticker sheets. Hamish had to read the accompanied courful image and matching both colour and size complete the bigger version.

This was rather challenging and took a great deal of concentration but he was so proud when he had finished and they look amazing on his wall.

Foam watch

This adorable foam frog watch looks much harder than what it is.

Hamish completed it all by himself. Each piece is pre-cut and you simply peel the foam off stick each piece on building up the little watch.

Spider and lady bird craft

These cute insects came with glue, stamp pads, stick on eyes and pieces and a little bottle of glue.

I left Hamish to follow the images and with gentle guiding he was able to complete both.

The glue and ink pads have joined our art box for use in other activities and these cute insects were hidden in Brent’s cupboard to give him a fright.

Hanging car wind chime

This was my favourite craft and although I left Hamish to paint the wooden car a solid colour, there is so much potential with this craft.

You could paint it and draw details, add a name like we did, stick stickers or add glitter.

Hamish needed help to thread the chimes on and add the hanging thread. I would suggest threading the strings onto a needle if your child wants to thread it by themselves.We have hung this on his cupboard door but you could also hang it outside.


From this amazing box of creativity ….

  • we gained so many new crafts to hang up in Hamish’s room
  • His self esteem and confidence grew
  • we added the generous supplies to our art box
  • Hamish developed many of his learning skills as well as focused on developing his creativity and imagination
  • The crafts offered a challenge to him, keeping him engaged and stimulated
  • He has a new open ended educational toy to continue building on that creativity
  • And we found moments to bond and create memories together.

All from a simple box of crafts.

Kids creations crafts can also be found on

Facebook kids creations

Instagram @kids_creations_1

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